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Gassy 4 Week Old - is it my diet?

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I have a 4 week old who has all of a sudden become very gassy (yesterday was the first day of it), and I am thinking about what I ate... but I can't come up with anything I haven't been eating all along since she was born. I guess I thought if she was sensitive to something, it would have shown up right away, but maybe not? Anyone had this happen?

As an immediate remedy, we are massaging her tummy and bicycling her legs, and we are going to start simethicone drops this evening. But I think for a long term solution, I need to start monitoring my diet... but I don't know where to start. Dairy, I guess?

It makes me so sad to hear my gassy baby crying.

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I certainly wouldnt start with Dairy as the culprit. I know there is a list somewhere of gassy producing food so you may want to check that out could be something as simple as broccoli or onions, which means you would have to limit but not cut out entirely.

Also 3-12 weeks is PEAK gassy period for babies...It could just be a normal phase for your little one!
Could well be dairy. That was one of the culprits causing my babe's gas, along with chocolate, tomato products, and the usual suspects like peas, beans, and cabbage (we still talk in hushed tones about Cabbage Night. Ugghhhh).

Good luck to you, mama!
Mamameg... my babe just turned 4 weeks and we've got the same problem here too. My heart just breaks to hear here crying/screaming in pain. I've tried the simethicone drops and they do work but I think they constipate her. She's really working to poop today. I've just gotten some Hylands homeopathic stuff which I'm going to try tonight along with monitoring my diet (I think it's been the turkey I've been eating lately which gives me gas as well).

But ... maybe it's just the age.
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My first baby was incredibly gassy, and by the time i got done with my diet, i was eating boneless chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, Gatorade, and mueslix cereal! and thats it!

With my other two, i ate what i want except for red sauce (on pasta), for some reason they couldn't handle it. But i liked nursing them much better because i could eat more.

How i wish i had MDC then. It would have made my life so much easier!
I had a very gassy baby...he was gassy no matter what I ate. The best thing was lying him on his back and pumping his legs to help get it out. Some people swear by message...but it didn't work for me.
My ds 1 gassiness and colic started at about 3-4 weeks.. Up until then I couldn't figuire out why everyone said babies didn't sleep..

Turns out it was dairy in my diet. Sometimes it takes awhile for the protiens to build up in the babies system.. Try removing the dairy for about 2 weeks.. If it helps great.. If not.. Then you know it wasn't that..

Best of Luck and Warm Squishy Feelings..

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