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gauge-stitch good, row bad

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So what am I doing? My last two projects-my stitch gauge was right on-but my row gauge off
One that I was doing on size 11, 16" circulars-I had less rows/in than it called for-so the bag turned out taller-no biggy, just a bag and I was felting it anyway.

The next-I just swatched for Yoda on size 6 straight-the stitch again is right on, but I have more rows/inch than called for. Again, no biggie since the sweater is knit in length to inches not rows-but wonder what am I doing wrong and how would you correct it? Wouldn't a needle change also change the stitch gauge which would be bad?
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I was having this same problem when I was swatching for my knee socks. I started off with a substitute yarn, and my row gauge was way too big. The pattern for the leg isn't knit by inches but had to have a certain number of rows, and I didn't want to end up with thigh highs. I switched to the yarn it called for, and my row gauge was closer, but not right on. So I knit less ribbing at the top than it called for. So, sometimes it's the yarn you are using, but also, I guess some people just knit shorter rows
But, as long as the pattern calls for measuring your rows by inches and not counting row numbers, you should be fine.
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Both times, I used the yarn it called for-different colors, but I am thinking that shouldn't make much of a difference!
I'd say about 50% of the time I just cannot match the row gauge. I will match stitches perfectly but the row will be way off.

I've never figured out why exactly. I really don't think I knit that differently than anyone else. In fact, I've noticed that I tend to have problems with particular pattern designers so I've decided that they just must knit wierd, cause, you know, it couldn't be me

I now just make it a habit to adjust patterns as needed and to try to choose patterns that knit to length and not number of rows.
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I now just make it a habit to adjust patterns as needed and to try to choose patterns that knit to length and not number of rows.
Yep, thats what I do!!!
Have you blocked these gauge swatches? That might be the critical element.
My theory (untested) is that the stich gauge is set by the yarn thickness. It really can't be changed much either way as the stitches will sit next to each other on the needle the thickness of the yarn regardless of the needle size. However, the needle size sets the row gauge so going up or down needle sizes changes the row gauge much more than the stitch gauge. This was after swatching some yarn on about 6 different needle sizes. I could never get it changed more than 1 stitch per 4 inches, but the row gauge changed dramatically.
As Sarah says, make sure you block your swatches. Also, changing from wood to metal has a dramatic effect on row gauge.
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