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GBS and Sex

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I tested positive for GBS a few weeks ago, and am doing a natural supplement routine before I retest next week, at which time I hoping for a negative.

Does anyone know of any reason to not have sex if I am hoping to reverse my GBS positive status? Can dh and I give it back and forth to one another? Could having sex cause it to be pushed up further into the vaginal canal, and cause a higher count?

I haven't read anything about this, but I realllllly want to be negative before I give birth so I don't have to deal with the antibiotic decision.
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20% of women have GBS naturally. I assume I always have it since I tested positive in both pregnancies. I don't worry about giving it to DH. The only concern is passing it onto the little one during birth...
I'm actually more worried about him giving it back to me after I have managed to clear it up. I don't even know if this is logical or not, but poor dh has been put on hold for a bit because of it!

(I tested negative for it my last pregnancy.)
ah, I missed that point, Sorry.

Um, I think you probably would be sharing it. I mean, they stick to him and unless he cleans up with soap and water or an antibaterial soap (I tend to avoid these), he'll harbor those wee beasties...

So, I guess other ways of satisfying him are called for if you are trying to get rid of it before your due date....
Foobar, don't you mean "other ways of satisfying eachother"?

Originally Posted by plantmommy
Foobar, don't you mean "other ways of satisfying eachother"?
ah, yes, I am stuck in my own libeado hell of wanting sex, but I am so uncomfortable that we haven't in oh, 8 months or so...

There are plenty of ways of satisfying each other. be inventive!
and Don't forget the chocolate syrup!
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Would you mind sharing the supplements you are taking?
I heard that sperm kill gbs for a short time.
Would you mind sharing the supplements you are taking?
No problem. I am taking:

- 500mg Vit C with Bioflavanoids 2x/day. (Midwife wanted me to take 250mg 2x/day, but I couldn't find 250mg w/Bioflavanoids.)
- 2 capsules of garlic, 3x/day
- 2 capsules grapefruit seed extract, 3x/day
- 2 capsules acidophillus (sp?), 3x/day

If you want specific brand names or strengths, let me know and I'll go look.

I heard that sperm kill gbs for a short time.
I don't suppose you remember the link to where you read that? I am having a hard time finding any info. Anytime I type the word 'sex' into a search engine I get mainly porn sites.
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Yeah, don't go with the search engines! :LOL

I heard it on a few posts here. Just do a search in this forum for GBS; you'll come up with all kinds of threads.

To get a negative result with dd2 (after a + with dd1) I took 20 drops of grapefruit seed oil, a garlic capsule and extra vitamin C every day. I got the negative, but who knows, maybe it would have happened anyway. I think I had sex the night before the test, or maybe the morning of? And the morning of, I wiped the whole area with tea tree oil.
greaseball, how diluted was the tto?

oceanbaby, where did you find the GSE in capsules? (I only have the drops, which taste like earwax. . .).

I have my GBS next week, am not anticipating a +, as I was - with ds, but would love this info, just in case b/c I will not labor with an iv or a hep lock again (did with ds b/c he was early).
It was full strength - I just put a few drops on a wet washcloth.
I found them in a local health food store. I actually got the tablet form. GSE drops are way too bitter for me to be able to take.
The drops were too bitter for me too, even when mixed with juice, so I squeezed them into gelatin capsules.
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