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I used probiotics, garlic, gse, echinacea, vitamin C, etc before this stupid test and I am still positive. My over-emotional self broke down in the docs office today when they old me. I explained to him all the problems I had last time and he decided to try a different, less broad spectrum antibiotic on me that is an every 6 hour thing instead of every 4. He felt that with my labors, I would probably get only one dose although they like to see 2 (I'm all for having less). It means a lot to DH, especially, since we know people who have had babies infected with GBS, so we are willing to do this (we'll, willing may not be the right word...).

This puts a bit of a crimp in our plans to avoid the Vitamin K injection. I did buy oral vitamin K in case we felt like it was needed, and I know that antibiotics can increase the need for vitamin K. I am curious if the oral form would be AS effective as a shot. Does anyone know of any studies pertaining to this?

This is hard for me. Intensely emotional. I was determined to avoid having to deal with this issue by natural means and it failed and I know that many here avoid the whole thing, but DH and I have fallen into the category of the low percentage a few times and we know that someone has to be in those numbers and we aren't willing to chance things. Not with our baby's health.

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