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GBS testing and treatment...

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Not sure if there has already been a thread on this subject but ..................
I decided to be tested and guess what? Yup, it came back positive today
: ugh. SO now I am researching and basically doing a crash course on GBS. I think I will try probiotics but not really sure yet.

What do you plan on doing?
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I plan on being tested. I am having a homebirth vbac and trynig to cross all my T's so to speak so that if I have to transfer they dont take the baby for observation/antibiotics, which I am told they would if I hadnt been tested. My mw does an IM injection of antibiotics if you are gbs+
Haven't beem tested yet, but was positive last time around. At my 33 weeks apt, OB wanted to do the swab and I yelled NO!!! I'm not ready. Since then I've been taking probiotics and I'll see if it'll help before my 36 weeks apt next week.

I haven't decided if I'll take the abx or not if I turn out to be positive again.
I consented to the test, I'll get the results later this week.
I'm planning an 'oops' UC so I'm not overly worried. If I have to transfer to hospital the abs will probably be the last thing on my mind.
If I am positive I plan to do everything I can do to eliminate it naturally, then ask for a re-test.
I think I'm going to have the test. If I do, it will be in two weeks - at around 37 weeks. My MW said the results are "good" for 5 weeks so they like to do it at 37 in case you go to 42. The birth center is fairly laid back about treatment - If I am positive, I think I'll just get antibiotics if there are certain things that happen - like PROM, a fever, etc. I am hoping the results will be negative!
A good friend of mine tested positive with dd#1. I believe that she took propolis and inserted garlic cloves at night. She had a homebirth and her dd was just fine.

I'm having the test just to just eliminate one potential concern.
I have read about 5 zillion articles on this lately trying to figure out the best course of action. On another board I visit a mom had her baby contract GBS, despite the routine anti-biotic treatment and he almost died and is extremely, extremely delayed. (Which by the way is very, very, very rare) So, this weighs on my mind. My mw is a dem (which is not legal in my great state- I do not have cnm's or any other option for a homebirth nor are there any birth centers- just one hospital at that).

Anyway, I already do chug keifir daily (which is a probiotic). However, I plan to go and get some otc tablets at the healthfood store tomorrow, as well as the grapefruit seed extract. OH, and I had read about the garlic cloves as well. HOwever, I am thinking that there only needed to be used for 5 days or say, I need to look that up again. I am not sure when the ob will test. I have an appt next week at 34.5, but I am thinking it won't be until the next visit.

Long story short for my own piece of mind I am hoping that I am able to make sure the first test is negative, so I have no concern about the hb and lack of antibiotics and also to make sure that if I transfer there is no huge deal, or any grief from the ob after my "surprise" hb- as I will likely need a Rhogram injection. (oh and btw without any thought on my part last time I was negative). Certainly if I am home we will be watching for different signs of infection as serentii mentioned.
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Just had the first convo about this with my CNM yesterday. I think her viewpoint is skewed b/c she's been a CNM for about years, but before that was a NICU nurse for 14. She's seen a lot of the really bad in those 14 years, but not a ton of the good during that time.

Here's a great article on the topic:

I took her the article and she's going to read it so that we can discuss in detail at my 36w appointment.
i did get the test...don't know the results. if positive, i'm going to load up on probiotics (yogurt, fermented veggies) and focus on my own immune system (to pass off good stuff to baby as soon as it comes). then i'll just keep a good eye on babe after it's born. not too worried.
I am being tested next Friday. My midwife suggested that for two weeks I take the following daily, but only for two weeks...after that back to regular vitamin schedule!

-Vitamin C

My midwife has a VERY LOW rate of women (who consent to the test) with GBS. Keeping my fingers crossed!

The above was also suggested in the Mothering Article

Some practitioners of natural medicine have suggested supplements for the mother in an effort to eradicate GBS prior to delivery. One suggestion is that, when a woman tests positive for GBS, she should take a course of garlic, vitamin C, echinacea, and/or bee propolis, and then be re-tested to determine if she is still carrying GBS. Any supplements that a pregnant woman considers taking should first be discussed with a homeopathic or naturopathic physician or other knowledgeable practitioner of natural medicine.
ETA: Make sure if you are going to take natural supplements before your test that you have a probiotic!!
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I tested positive for my 1st, never made it to being tested with my 2nd. This is something I do not mess around with. When I know I'm in transition, I get to the hospital. You need to have a full 4 hour dose of antibiotics in your system before giving birth, then again after every 4 hours. I didn't like the idea, but this is something I've heard and read horror stories about. Even after the antibotic treatments, I was still worried if the baby contracted it. This time around, I plan on eating healthier (starting now) to try to minimize the chance/risk of a positive test. Plus, the results can change. You can test negative for it one week, then positive the next, and vice versus. that's the scarey thing. Bacteria has it's way of getting up in there.
I tested positive for it with my second baby... this time I'm declining the test, but doing what I can to ensure that I am healthy down there. I'm taking vitamin C and probiotics, and a little closer to my due date I'll start with echinacea and oil of oregano. ALso, although this may be in the TMI territory, I am being very careful aout my hygeine 'down there'... every single time I have a BM, I first wipe, and then have a mini shower to ensure that there is no lingering bacteria to work it's way towards my vagina.

For me, my experience has been that my water generally doesn't break until the very very end, when the baby is coming out. For that reason, I am not concerned. If my water were to break really early on I might reconsider going to the hospital and getting antiboitics. However, going by the pattern of my past births, my instincts, and my program to keep the GBS away in the first place, I'd simply rather not jeopardize my homebirth by being tested.

It is good to keep in mind that just because mom has GBS colonization does not mean that her baby will be affected. There are other risk factors associated.
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Originally Posted by wanderinggypsy
ALso, although this may be in the TMI territory, I am being very careful aout my hygeine 'down there'... every single time I have a BM, I first wipe, and then have a mini shower to ensure that there is no lingering bacteria to work it's way towards my vagina.
My MW does both a vaginal and rectal swab. I've been wondering if the rectal swab is necessary.
I know what you mean serenitii! After all, I have no plans of birthing my baby through my rectum.
And GBS is NORMAL in your digestive system, of which your rectum is a part. Why they would test there... I don't get.
I guess they think if it is there it might contaminate the area or baby (I remember the pooping during labor thread
) but I also wonder if it isn't kinda like the old practice of forcing a woman to be shaved for hygenic reasons. I think a rectal swab is going to increase chances of a positive and the risk might not be the same. I wonder if it is common practice to do both?
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Originally Posted by Amari's Mama View Post
And GBS is NORMAL in your digestive system, of which your rectum is a part. Why they would test there... I don't get.
I just asked my MW the same thing. I realize the vagina is right next to the rectum but I am less likely to except the antibiotics if GBS is present only in the rectum.
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One of my MWs said something to me during my last visit that stuck with. She said that ulitmately our views and opinions on a topic expand and contract based on many things, the most intense being personal experience. When I was looking up info about GBS, I came across this site: I can see why this family is cautious and pro-active. If it happens to you...then you look at it differently.

Ya know, sometimes I feel like life is just a big crap shoot!
Who's got links to good specific instructions for clearning yourself of GBS? Y'know, the garlic up the hooha directions,
Seriously, I'd love some expert guidance so I can prepare (then I might take the test, but at least to prepare prior to the birth just to reduce the odds of having it present at the time).
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