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GBS Treatment

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I'm confused about treatment for moms who are GBS positive and plan a home birth. The info I have been given by my midwife suggests IV antibiotics at least four hours before the birth and involves staying at the hospital for two hours after administration to ensure no reaction. Doesn't sound like the home birth I'm looking for!

I will discuss it with her in more depth at my next visit (I'll be 37 weeks by then) but I'm trying to put together my birth plan in the mean time.

Anyone have any clear info on this?
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4 hours before the birth? How does she know when the birth will be?! That doesn't sound good at all. There are lots of GBS threads in the Homebirth and I'm Pregnant forums. There are a lot of different ways to treat at home; pass the info along to your midwife!
I was GBS+ last time and we're just assuming I am this time as well. What my MW and I agreed on is that if my water broke and birth wasn't eminent we would do antibiotics in an IV for 20 minutes every 4 hours until birth. Well, last time my water broke and DD was born less than 10 minutes later so it wasn't even an issue. No antibiotics and no problems.

I requested the GBS test w/ my 1st, and tested positive. I had IV antibiotics in the hosptial. I had no risk factors during labor that suggested my positive GBS culture from several weeks prior was affecting my baby.

This time, I chose to remain ignorant of my GBS status at 37 weeks gestation. If I were negative at 37 weeks, but had any risk factors during labor, like:

-ruptured memebranes for more than 18 hours


I would want to be treated for GBS! But this time around, I didn't want to be treated for GBS just in case, which is what happens if you use the data collected by a vaginal/anal swabbing during late pregnancy.

A positive culture at 37 weeks does not mean a woman will have a positive at 37 weeks and 3 days, or 40 weeks and 2 days, or 10 minutes before labor started, or 7 hours into labor.

Food for thought.

I encourage you to research more about GBS before you consent to a culture during pregnancy...........because if you HAVE A POSITIVE CULTURE, that might limit your options with certain birth attendents.
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I tested positive for GBS, took oral antibiotics for a week then tested negative. My son was born at home several weeks later with the midwife watching carefully for warning signs and staying longer after the birth to monitor him. All was well.

I haven't had the test done yet - still decided since I'm 34 weeks and it's not required by my care providers.

They said if I test positive, I have the following options: not treating; taking oral antibiotics during labor at home; or going in the hospital if I want antibiotics by IV. They're also researching antibiotic vaginal wash techniques that I'd heard about as a possible option. Since I'm pretty comfortable with the option of oral antibiotics at home, I think I'll go ahead and get the test, just to know. But I still have a few weeks to decide.

Have you already taken the test? I've read about some homeopathic/herbal things you can do to boost your immune system and reduce your chances of testing positive. I haven't done anything yet, but I'm looking into it.
I'm supposed to be tested this coming Tuesday. I believe that would be to late for any homeopathic remedys to avoid a + result. Too bad I hadn't heard of that option sooner!

BTW, I can't do a search for previous threads on this topic due to the changes in the search engine here. Can't do 3 letter word searches anymore! Not good.

Also, I do trust that my midwife is well informed on this topic. But she is the kind of midwife that provides the current protocols, may comment on the research, but expects me to make the decision. I've been very happy with this style of care so far (this is our second baby with her). I will have to discuss it more in depth at our next appointment. The books I have don't give me enough info to decide what to do and Internet searches so far have been quite fruitless.
Oh! You searched for "strep B"! That was thinking, guess I wan't

Thank you Arduinna! I will browse through those results over the next few days.
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From all the research I have done (including reading past threads regarding GBS), I have been following a naturopathic regimen that includes:

--Vit. C w/Bioflavinoids- 1000 mg/day (Bioflav. can help strengthen the bag of waters...gbs can be responsible for early rupture)
--Garlic caps 2/day
--Echinacea ~1 dropperful/3 a day (for 10 days on, 10 days off)
--Grapefruit seed extract 3 caps/day
--Acidophilus 3x/day; plus vaginal suppository at night
--Propolis 2 capsule/day
--Tea tree oil vaginal suppository once a day (at naptime, kind of messy)

There are more options than what I have listed above, but I feel comfortable going with what I have. I am also watching my diet and trying to avoid sugar. And, I am using visualization exercises also. I really hope to get a negative re-test this week (at 37 weeks), but if not...I have yet to decide my course of action.

Hope that helps

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Ixcuina -- What a great list of things to do! I won't be tested for GBS, but it's interesting to note that bioflavs can strengthen the water bag. I hear that labor is much easier with the bag of waters intact. My last birth began with broken bag and a posterior baby. While my birth was very managble. I would like to strengthen the bag a bit if I could.

Panda -- If you decide to go the antibiotic route, I'd make sure that you take plenty of acidophilous/bifidofilous. Antiobiotics set you up for thrush -- Especially if they're taken just before, during or after birth.

Best of luck everyone with the decision to test or not to test. To retest and what to do. May your hearts and inner wisdom guide you!
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