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hey i know there are a ton of gd threads around here. my mw really wants to do at least a couple of finger pricks to test my blood sugar. we didn't really get into detail b/c this was my first visit with her and i had about 10 questions about their practice...just getting a feel.

has anyone done this? would you do it again? is it random? at home/ in the office? would you be careful what you ate that day? that week? i don't eat many sweets or white carbs but occasionally we might go out for pizza or something. just curious how this works and how careful i need to be! i eat way better than i ate with ds1 and he was totally fine. i even did the gd test that time and didn't have it.

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has anyone done this?
Yup! I got a blood sugar monitor (much cheaper with a prescription, btw) and have been taking measurements every week since about week 20. I do one fasting and one one-hour-after-dinner each week and they've been normal. I'm mostly doing it just in case I have to go to the hospital, so that I have a record showing that my blood sugar is normal - they will probably assume the worst if you don't have any record.

would you do it again?
Yup! Especially now that I have the monitor. It was a little scary pricking my finger at first, but I've gotten fairly used to it. Plus, I'd want to know if I was getting a little out of the range I want to be in so that I could control my foods a bit more. I have diabetes in my family, too, so I find it interesting.

is it random? at home/ in the office? would you be careful what you ate that day? that week?
Well, (for me at least) one measurement is fasting, first thing in the morning, and the other is one hour after dinner, so you shouldn't have to mess with it at work unless you start getting high readings and need to monitor closer. I would say you should be careful of what you eat while you're pregnant ANYWAYS, but to get a good idea of what your blood sugar is realistically you should not change your diet when you're going to measure it... that being said, I might not choose to take the weekly measurement after a huge meal of pizza and ice cream, if you know what I mean!

I would definitely recommend it if you're interested in tracking your blood sugar (and keeping in the low risk category if possible) and want to avoid the icky glucose tests.

Good luck!
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