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Ok, so I'm working really hard on respecting my kids and not yelling, deciphering meltdowns to figure out what is really wrong, etc. Reading the books everyone has, parents and power struggles is a great one!<br><br><br><br>
So, I'm still far from perfect, but we are making real progress. I am getting better at not yelling, really listening, and insisting that everyone in the house treat everyone else with respect and courtesy.<br><br>
I'm still baffled by dd's behavior at times, and I'll be glad when we figure out if she's LD or not, and what we need to do to help her make progress in school. I remember a girl I knew as a child whose parents yelled at her all the time for being 'lazy and stupid,' and they didn't find out she had dyslexia until she was grown......I worry that dd is not ever going to make progress, and I know her self esteem is suffering. On the way to the pediatrician today, she asked 'am I going to find out if I'm stupid today?' <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/gloomy.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="Gloomy">:<br>
I told her she was far from stupid and explained that she may have a condition that affects the way she sees and understands things, but that does not make her stupid. I reminded her of various relatives who suffer from dyslexia, and that it really isn't that different from needing glasses or having to take insulin, it's a problem that requires some extra work, rather than a major disability.<br><br>
I don't know what to tell her other than that. It burns me up that some of the kids she goes to school with can barely form a coherent sentence but they tell her she's dumb! There is a lot of pidgin spoken here and often people shorten phrases so much it's hard to understand. Her teacher told me most of her class is not at grade level in math or reading! How can that be, and why isn't anything being done? I'm really lost and don't know how to help her.<br><br>
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