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G'day all :) Another Aussie newbie here.

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Hi everyone! I'm Kerrie, and I have one beautiful little boy named Elijah who is 5 months old. It's lovely to be here!

We live in NSW, Australia. I'm 21 years old and a sole parent, have been since conception. I worked with children in a Montessori nursery and preschool before Elijah was born though, so thankfully have lots of experience which has proven to be really helpful with my parenting

I practice and plan to practice attachment/intuitive/natural parenting... and that includes everything from birth to schooling! My little guy was born beautifully, drug-free in a birth centre, although I aim for a home water birth next time around. We co-sleep, Elijah is fully breastfed, uncircumsized, unvaccinated and pretty much lives against me in his sling or carrier.

I am interested in green living (composting, recycling, energy conservation, cloth nappies, cloth mama pads etc) travel, live music, theatre art and cooking. It should be great getting to know everyone here, I look forward to seeing you all around the forums.

Have a great day

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Welcome to MDC. I'm glad you came here and hope you stay around. Would love to travel down under in the future.

Thank you.
welcome, welcome, from another irish mummy!!!
best of luck with your ds, it sounds like you have a great foundation for parenting!!
there is a ton of support around this board for all that you mentioned, and there is also a great (and growing) board at
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Hey there and welcome! I'm not new, but I haven't really got my feet wet Hope to "see" you around!
Hello Kerri,

Congratulations to your son for choosing a perfect mommy. He's got everything going for him.

Nice to meet you.

Come and visit the vaccine forum. They would love to meet you over there.
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Welcome, Kerrie! Sounds like you and your son are off to an awesome start!
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Thanks for such a warm welcome everyone! I'm already starting to feel right at home
Will check out those links and forums. Cheers!
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G'day, vespertine.
Welcome to the boards.

I'm in North Queensland, btw.
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w e l c o m e !
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Welcome Kerrie! It's always good to hear from more Aussies.
Welcome to MDC!
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