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Gearing up to start TTC

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So we are planning to start TTC whenever my SO completes PT and basic training (this will probably be sometime this summer). I know I have some time, but while I'm waiting, I'd like to get my body into shape as much as possible. I'm a normal weight, but I've been working out just to up my strength and endurance. I'm going to start taking vitamins again too because I tend to be low on iron and B12. My cycles have actually been pretty regular lately, so I'm not too concerned with that. I will start charting next cycle though just to make sure I am ovulating. Oh, and I will most likely UP/UC and it would be a VBAC as well. I've never given birth vaginally or even experienced labor.

Anyway, what else could I be doing? Those of you who planned way in advance, did you do anything special to get ready to TTC?
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