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gender neutral clothing...where?

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I'm a little annoyed that there are so few gender neutral options out there. I was just looking on some websites...and starting at 0-3 months the clothes are separated into baby boys and baby girls. I don't know why, but I thought, at least for that age, there would be lots of unisex options. Huh. Where do you shop?
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Hmm, well there aren't many, you could just wait until the baby is born to buy many clothes. Personally I had enough troubles having people calling my boy a girl even with him wearing blue.
I have just bought white most of the time in onesies and sleepers or gowns. I usually wait to buy nice outfits when they are born.
i bought everything in white, green, or yellow. carter's sells a lot of unisex clothing. i dressed my little one in sleepers until she was 6 months. here is i good website with unisex outfits
i have noticed that Carters has a lot more gn stuff than they used to. i'm planning on knitting stuff in creams and browns. ds wore a lot of gn stuff just because i hated all the pastel blue crap. even now that he's older and wears more little boy stuff his hair is so curly everyone calls him a girl.
check out the brand Mon Reve at

Its plain cotton and i love it in just simple white. Ive gotten a few pieces from them and i love them. Mon Reve is a less $$ version of Petit Bateau which is a staple in France for every single newborn but is SO overpriced in the US.
I totally understand your frustration~ I keep looking for some cute unisex clothing & can't find anything
: !
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I got quite a few things... just pj's and onesies mainly. Carters seems to have quite a few options, whether I got it from their outlet or the Target line, or whatever.
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Hi, just popping in from an earlier DDC with my own "gender unknown" munchkin. I'm not sure what your price range is but Hanna Andersson tends to have most of the basics in a wide variety of gender nuetral colors. They have a couple outlet stores I think, there is one in the Seattle area.

I plan on buying white and blue for the first clothing. no daughter I might give birth to will care if she is wearing blue trucks - esp not at 1 month old
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Babies R Us has a pretty good neutral selection (at least at my store) until about 6-9 months. Also, Carter has a lot of neutral stuff. I think gender neutral stuff is going away because almost everyone finds out the sex nowadays.
I can find a lot of stuff usually you just have to shop around. You only need like 10 outfits to get you through until you can do a little more gender specific clothing. I consider, red, brown, orange, dark purple, turquise, white, tan, green, yellow and baby blue to all be gender neutral colors. I love Zutano clothers they have a lot of really awesome GN clothing Oh, and it's also fun to buy just a bunch of white shirt and pants or sleepers and have them tie-dyed. There's a guy at the farmer's market here that does it cheap.
hanna andersson (i usually check ebay, it's kind of expensive new but i have gotten good deals on ebay) carter's, and i have a ton of eric carle's "hungry caterpillar" themed outfits that i love, also from ebay.

i prefer bright colors- red, yellow, green- for either sex, though. i also love plain black shirts and novelty/advocacy t-shirts, all mostly gender neutral. i got so sick of pink with my DD and pastel colors are also so boring to me. my daughter wears GN clothing a lot of the time (although i love dresses, too! it's about 50/50) and occasionally she's mistaken for a boy, LOL. i also tie-dye blank onesies and gowns and shirts myself, which is a fun activity AND is a good way to get a custom wardrobe for baby!

OH! is awesome too- lots of colors, basic styles, and not expensive!
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