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General 6 mo question...

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And not even about my own baby.

We visited a church friend the other day and I couldn't believe that her little girl is 6 mo. She doesn't act like she's that old, at least, not the way my boys were at 6 mo.

The baby girl is still quite stiff, even when held. If laid on her back, she holds her arms and legs very stiffly. Her mom says she hates being on her tummy and will arch her back so her legs, arms and head don't touch the flat surface. I guess the way I would describe it is that she seems to feel uncomfortable with the world around her, and doesn't yet feel comfortable in herself, if that makes sense. She is very bright eyed and interested in everything, so it doesn't seem to be a mental thing.
They are a very mainstream parenting family--no breastfeeding, baby carried around in the carseat most of the time, etc. I wondered if that made a difference.

It was strange enough that I went back through our photo albums and looked at the photos of both my boys at that age, and earlier. They were so different. They would relax into just about anybody's arms, and both of them were well on thier way to sitting up at that age, and didn't have any problems with tummy time, even though they didn't crawl 'til much later. I only remember my first one having that jumpy, stiff-limbed attitude, but that was around 2-3 months, when we were both struggling with colic. He relaxed as soon as we got breastfeeding figured out and his tummy felt better.

Is what I described in the little girl within the range of normal? Anyone have a baby like that? If it's not normal, is there a way to gently broach the subject with her mama?
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my baby isn't like that.
It almost sounds as though it could be some sensory integration issues. Might be worth checking out - sounds like she doesn't like the "feel" of things against her limbs.
yes, it's in the range of normal. it's a little early to guess at anything serious, but high-needs babies tend to be more stiff and rigid. I know a baby like that, he is very springy and tightly-wound, he's high-needs. sometimes it's just a personality thing.
She didn't seem high needs.

I'm assuming, mainstream as they are, that she's getting well-baby checkups so if there is something there I hope the doctor picks it up. I was just worried because she behaves at 6 mo more like my two kids behaved at 3 mo.
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