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For the most part, DS and I have a really wonderful nursing relationship. That said, it seems like lately he just dissolves if I can't nurse for as long as he wants or at the exact moment he asks. In recent months, however, I have been able to set SOME limits. Like I say, "We're not going to nurse right now, mommy needs to do X" or "We can nurse in a little while", etc. Sometimes he's okay with these limits and other times, like today, he just loses it if I cannot nurse at the exact moment he needs to.

What has been your experience setting limits with your nursing toddler? Do you even have limits? Is there an alternative way for me to be stating that we can't nurse at the time? For the most part ( I would say 75% of the time), if he wants to nurse, we nurse. But at this stage, I just can't nurse all day long. I'd love to hear your experiences. TIA.
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