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Georgia Homebirths

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I was wondering about women who have had Georgia homebirths. I live in Monroe and am looking for MW for my area. First I guess I should say I am not pregnant yet. My DH and I are trying, but I thought I should get as much info as I can before we actually get preg. If I become preg. do I go to the regular doctor for prenatul care? or would I go to MW. I would like to go get checked out before we become preg. I am just confused and need a little guidance. I have never had a I am trying to do the right thing before I get pregs. Any advice or info in the right direction would help. Thanks!!!! Nico
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There are several midwives who do homebirths in GA. None of them are state-licensed, and all are "direct entry" or Lay midwives. CNMs are the only type of midwife licensed by the state, and they are required to work alongside an OB/GYN. There are no OB/GYNs who will support homebirth, so no CNMS attend homebirths.

Homebirth is a legal "gray area" in Georgia, and IF an attorney decided to go after a homebirth midwife, for some reason, she might get charged with "practicing medicine without a license" for attending a birth.

You do not HAVE to see an OB along with a midwife, but some midwives recommend it so you have a record of prenatal care in case you need to transfer to the hospital for any reason. If you have no record of prenatal care with any doctors, in the event of an emergency/tragedy, CPS WILL show up at your home and ask questions. You won't necessarily be prosecuted, and you do not have to let CPS in without a warrant, but it's not fun. I think it's a good idea to see a doctor at least a few times during pregnancy to avoid the hassle. Plus, having medical record of your pregnancy will make it easier to get your baby's birth certificate.

A midwife I know of who has an EXCELLENT reputation, and who I have spoken with over the phone: (it seems to be malfunctioning today, but that IS her web address!)

I would STRONGLY advise you to check references of any midwife you choose to use, and listen to any kind of misgivings you have, no matter how "trivial" because a small voice of concern in the back of your mind can turn into BIG regret if you have a problem later on down the road. Because homebirth midwives are not licensed, that means some active midwives are less-than-qualified, or qualified, but not doing their job well... just as you would with any major decision do your homework and research before you make your final pick! I would advise against using any midwife who does not bring along an assistant to every birth. Having an assistant means there are two sets of eyes, and two sets of hands to help out. Most of the "good ones" have an assistant with them for each birth, and recognize the value of having that help. I hope this helps!

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