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Geraniums Question.

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I have two potted geraniums on my porch to brighten it up and i have been deadheading and fertilizing like i do with all my plants...but now, there are no new bud heads or anything. Are they done blooming for the year? Should i trim back the whole plant and hope for some more blooms later this summer? Repot? Am i expecting too much of a 99 cent annual?

I am much better at wildflowers...just plant and let grow! I am so excited about my coneflowers and black eyed susans this year!
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The only things I can think of that might be causing your problem are:

Shade--if your porch doesn't get any direct sun, you need to put the plants out in the sun until they begin to bud up again. They probably won't flower if they dont ever get 'full' sun again.

Fertilizer--too much nitrogen causes lovely leaf growth at the expense of flowers. Check out the rating on the fertilizer you're using (the first of the three numbers is the Nitrogen rating). Phosphorus, the second number, promotes flowering. Geraniums probably don't need a lot of fert, anyhow--I just pot mine up in a homemade potting mix and water them and they flower like crazy all season (with at least 6 full hours of sun).

It could be something else, but I bet it's one of these problems that's getting you...
I agree with the fertilizer idea. Maybe your adding too much. Is the rest of the plant looking ok? Is it still nice and green? If it is then it is most likely an over dose of nitrogren like pp said. I would lay off the fetilizer all together for a while and then start again maybe only once a month with a weak all purpose fetilizer.
Thanks for the tips. I think i may have overfertilized as the leaves look great but there are very few new buds. I also moved one of the pots to my yard to see if some sun wouldn't help them out. The porch gets morning sun till about 2 pm. so maybe that isn't enough. Thanks again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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