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Gerber prefold compared to CPF?

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I have about 12 GPF that I bought as burp rags for my son. Because they were too fluffy some of them rarely got used. Now that Im building a stash for my next addition, Im thinking...why not? I was planning on doing only AIO' s but figure a couple of snappis, and covers, and these prefolds could actually stretch out my stash pretty nicely.

So I guess Im asking If the Gerbers are any good, or whether I should really invest in a few CPF to supplement my stash instead??

Maybe I should just do both...LOL!!!
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Depends - are they Diaper Service Quality Gerbers? And will you be using them for regular daytime diapering? And is your chld a heavy wetter?

The DSQ Gerber prefolds work fine for us for daytime use. Actually I like how nice and trim they are, they are sort of an in between size too. They aren't as soft as unbleached CPF nor as absorbant, but they work just fine for regular daytime use!

In my experiences, GPF's aren't really absorbant...I won't even use them in an emergency...but mine aren't fluffy at all...
hmmm, I have no idea anymore what they are other than Gerber pre-folds
I didnt start CDing my current DS until he was 17 mo.

I will go ahead and buy some CPF's!!!
Thanks yall!
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If they are DSQ they will have a Gerber stamped in the corner in blue. If they are something other than dsq they will be really really thin and some have poly fill in the center that is really fluffy and non absorbant. The centers of those will be much bigger than the sides.

If I had a choice I would get the ubcpfs.

Gerber used to make a heavy weight DSQ prefold that fluffed up really nice and was sold by many diaper services these are awsome diapers there thick assorbent but a bit trimmer than CPFs. It sounds like you might have gotton some. (BTW the "current say heavy weight and DSQ but aren't the same) if you have the ones like I do that are small no streach and don't fluff up at all. Use these only for burp cloths and get some real DSQ prefolds.

We use the gerber DSQ prefolds exclusively.. We use a sposie over night.. They work just fine during the day.. We haven't had any problems.. Mine are soft, and the have fluffed up pretty good..

Just my .02.. I know they get run down around here, but that's really ALL we use.. And I think they are great..

Warm Squishy Feelings..

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I had a couple of gerber prefolds with my daughter ( I had no clue there was a difference) and they were HORRIBLE. They didn't absorb at all and she kep getting rashes from them. I found one recently and cut it open. It had polyester batting in it. That made me so angry because that experience turned me off from CDing for years. i thought those were the only option. I had no clue there were so many other choices for CDing.

I guess I should have added that I do have gerber dsq and ubcpf in both premium and regular. Hands down cpfs win in softness and absorbability. But I do use my gerbers and have used them exclusively for a time. I was in no way running down gerber pfs, but having tried both I would go with the ubcpf.

And those poly filled ones, I have no idea why they even make those. I look at them now and laugh, they look nothing like a pf. And they are too bulky for even burp rags.

I think gerber dsq is great for people who can't get other pfs. They are usually pretty easy to find.

Im starting to think I have the poly filled ones...Definately going to buy some CPF's
Know what pisses me off? That Gerber actually labels the packages of those poly-filled pf's "Super-Absorbent", detailing on the back that it's the layer of poly batting that makes them "more absorbent"
Truth in advertising, anyone?
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Originally Posted by mehndi mama
Know what pisses me off? That Gerber actually labels the packages of those poly-filled pf's "Super-Absorbent", detailing on the back that it's the layer of poly batting that makes them "more absorbent"
Truth in advertising, anyone?
LMAO how is platic absorbent?
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the ones with the poly batting work just fine cut in half for swiffer cloths...but that is about all I would use them for.
My question is: More absorbant than what? Compared to a piece of paper? A rock? More absorbant than without the batting? Probably a bit.

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