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Boy, do I wish I had known about the previous thread on this topic in 2012! I wasn't allowed to reply to it, so I've started a new thread.

I had my son in September, 2010, and developed GERD in January, 2012 -- he was 14 months old. I've had it ever since then... BUT the various tests they've given me have "never confirmed GERD" (except the endoscopies which have shown the early stages of cellular changes -- not good). Nexium kind of helped, prilosec didn't help at all, various other things have only helped slightly. The gastroenterologists who I've seen have al thought I was nuts.

Most recently, though, I *may* have had a breakthrough. I saw what I've been calling a wacky nutritionist who essentially prescribed: 1) supplements to cleanse my system (I've had a lot of antibiotics, and surgeries, and other chemical exposures), 2) probiotics to replenish good bacteria, 3) close to a paleo diet to rebalance hormones and rebalance the gut, and 4) apple cider vinegar to remind my stomach that acid is good. I've been eating bone broth, fermented foods, a ton of protein and fat, minimal carbs... and feeling the best I've felt in a long time. I tried this once before and had limited success -- but this time, I've just weaned off nexium and I think that (combined with the ACV, which made NO sense) is making all the difference.

I am committed, finally, to truly avoiding my triggers (SIGH, coffee and chocolate, and other caffeine... plus mint, etc) and also avoiding grains as much as possible, because something about them seems to do badly inside my body, at least for now.

One last thing I'll leave the other readers here with. I read what someone else had written a few years ago on the internet and it was a bit helpful, but then I read it again last week with what the nutritionist has told me in mind and suddenly it made more sense. It's called huntgatherlove and it has the suffix "com", not "org". (Read between the lines and use your favorite search engine and you'll find it; then search on topics of interest and you'll find some useful information.)

I do wonder if there is some unknown reason why pregnancy triggers this, and I wonder if it has to do with hormones. Anyone seen an endocrinologist in all of this?

All the best in healing, to all of us.

Melissa, aka twirlygirly
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