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Gestational Diabetes Q's

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I failed the first 1 hour glucose test and now they want me to take the fast all night and then 4 hours of blood tests in the morning. I tested 145 where 135 and above thy do the second test on. Meanwhile they found I was anemic which would explain why I was depending so much on sugar (dr pepper especially) to keep moving. I asked the nurse if that would affect the test and she did not think so. I started doing some research and am now wondering why I bothered to take the first test at all. I have none of the risk factors except I did have a 10 lb baby last time, gained 50 lbs but was in my old jeans within 2 weeks of the birth. No one in my family has diabetes, I am not overweight, etc etc. Though I am sure you could say I am a sugar addict. I know I need to change my diet and already have. Knowing about and treating the anemia has made a real difference. I can stay away from sugar much more easily. Now if I take the second test and it determines I have GD what happens then? The best I can tell they make me eat better (which I am already doing). But I have also read it puts me into "high risk". Would that mean I would have to deal with the dr's at the clinic now? Right now I only see the midwives. I met one of the female dr's who was impossible to get an answer to a simple question out of. The others are male and I refuse to see them. Has anyone run into this problem and been able to stay with their midwife or do they have to see dr's?
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GD diagnosis is a slippery slope to more intervention. It really sucks. I don't believe that the majority of women diagnosed with it even have it. What's worse is fasting and then downing all that glucola is going to throw your body into an erroneous "starvation diabetes" and skew real results.

I don't know what to offer you at this point, except that the best way to look at blood glucose levels is with a glucometer at home after eating and upon waking. I don't know if your midwives/OB would allow this, but it would be something worth discussing. There is so much info out there on the inaccuracy of the glucose tolerance test in pregnancy. It sucks!
I refused all GD testing after reading up on it. You don't have to take the 3 hour test.


I know the situation you are in...

I didn't pass both tests...not at "risk"..not gaining excessive weight and I really do eat very healthy...

But now that I did take the tests I'm somewhat obligated to do something about it and so is the MW. I see her on Friday...but I'm making sure I eat protein with carbs and I think I will have glucose monitored post prandial in the lab (after a meal) every week. I'd like to see if I could monitor at home.

I have to ask her if she now thinks I'm "high risk" or what. I was bummed at first....but now I'm not too worried about it. I would have refused~ but I thought for sure that I would pass!!!!
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My ob doctor didn't consider me high risk for just having GD. She just recently started to consider me high risk when my insulin dosings were upped to 60 units at night and 30 in the morning. Diabetes does run in my family, I am overweight....but I've not gained a pound for my pregnancy and I'm ready to deliver in the next couple weeks.

Do what makes you feel comfortable, forgo the testing if you want to, but be aware that your ob may refer you to someone else if she feels that you are going AMA routinely.
I am going to refuse the 4 hour test. For one I cannot get in and do it in the next 2 weeks like they want. Babysitter is away and I am not going to even attempt it with a 3 yr old in tow. But the main reason is I was told I would have to see the dr's in the clinic if I tested positive for GD. I "might" be able to see the midwives once in a while which means never. Our clinic used to have midwives and dr's all seperate. Then a big thing came up between the dr's and midwives. Not sure all the details but the midwives said they would quit and the outcry from patients was unbelieveable. But now they mix the two groups more and more. My last pregnancy I never was even offered to see a dr. This time I am getting told I have to see them and many times "oh your midwife is on call and you need to see dr so and so". My other reason for saying no is that I know my diet was horrid the past month. Very very high in sugar. The anemia was making me tired and family stress through the roof so sugar it was. I am already watching my diet, back to whole foods, lots of veggies and low sugar carbs. The nurse said if I test pos for GD they send me to a nurtritionist to learn to eat right. Funny thing is I saw one when I first got pregnant and according to her I ate really well minus too much sugar. Anyway that's where I am unless someone comes up with a really really good reason to risk losing the midwives.
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