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get well gift for c-section birth

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i hope this is the right place to post this.....

a friend of mine just had a c-section birth on saturday. i would like to get her a new mommy get well gift - like some homopathic kit full of goodies to help soothe her wounds from surgery and help her recovery. does anyone know of good remedies of this sort?

Thanks in advance and Much Love
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Have you ever tasted hospital "food"? Get her some super fresh fruit. from your garden if possible. She'll love it after the horrid stuff she is eating, and it will certainly help her body recover. Remembering my cesarean, this was the thing I liked most, even though it was given as a casual afterthought.

Get her some breast feeding tea at a natural foods store.

Consider a gift certificate for a massage.
Several ready-to-warm dinners would be much appreciated, as well as the offer of a couple hours help with laundry, errands, or whatever she needs. And if the C/S was unplanned, a listening ear if she needs to work thru some feelings.........
A boppy, or some other nursing pillow. After my c/s first birth, I LOVED my bobby, it helped me get my son in a good nursing position without putting pressure on that oh-so-sore abdomen.
Ditto, ditto, ditto the fruit suggestion. After my c/s, I was miserable and traumatized, and I didn't eat the entire time I was hospitalized. I didn't feel like eating, and the slop the hospital served me was not what you'd call tempting. It took almost a week for my milk to come in, and I'm sure not eating had *something* to do with that. If I had delicious fresh fruit in front of me, I might have had an easier time. Because of that, my standard congratulations gift for new mamas is fruit...I figure no matter how the baby got out, good nourishment is always an appropriate gift.
Food Food Food food

Make a cassarole or two, put it in individual containers that are easily nukable by the hubby/herself.

Make it so she has as little to do as possible.


Recovery doesnt end in the hospital
one of the best gifts i got was a nice soothing scented cream-- i had dh rub some on my feet each night. i felt so ugly and violated, it was so theraputic to have something that made me feel beautiful.

food coud be nice, but be sure you find out what she is avoiding. i was so freaking picky about food after my surgery.

i would have prefered something that smelled nice-- scented candles and cream (natural and soft smells, though-- vanilla! yum).
I agree with the food, especially the fruit. One unpleasant side effect of c-sections is constipation and tummy problems, so that's another reason fruit would be great. Otherwise, if you're close enough friends, she would probably appreciate you just doing a quick straighten-up of her house and vaccuuming, since cleaning is really tough after surgery and vaccuuming is "against the rules" for a few weeks. A gift basket is a great idea too...not sure what the best treatments are for c-section. I drank a lot of Emergen-C in the early days but I know some might not use that when nursing a newborn.
Arnica for bruising which will also go through her bm and help the poor babe recover as well. A gift certificate for a natural therapy practitioner like massage, aromatherapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, cranio-sacral therapy or osteopathy could also be useful especially if they'll go to her home. A homemade gift certificate for meals or house cleaning as she needs.
definitly arnica oil! she can put it directly on her incision once it's closed.
I had lots of muscle issues after my c/s (still do!
: ) and the arnica is a lifesaver!
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