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Gettin' a bit more solid

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Woops...hit post a bit early!

Well, I see the days of "just throwin' the dipe in the washer are dwindling and I need to figure out what to do next.

I know about the mini shower but I also know that not everyone has one. For those of you that don't have one, what do you do with the more solid BMs?

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The only way to describe Aidan's are...pastey. It's like a big glob of glue or really thick peanut butter. I dunk...Hold it by the top and dunk that part in there and it slides right off.

*You know you're a mother when you discuss poop
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Whatever doesn't "flop" into the toilet, goes into a rinse cycle. No dunkin' for me. Although actually, we just got our mini! That thing is a power house. I sprayed my first poop right into the toilet, folded the soaking diaper in half and chucked it into the pail.
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We're at the pasty stage too. I dunk it, kind of wiggle it around and get off as much as possible. Then it goes back in the diaper pail, and at the end of the day we rinse all the diapers off in the laundry tub before washing.
Ok, I take poopy fleece liner to the toliet, and shake, shake, shake!

If the poop is being overly stubborn, I will gingerly swish the liner in the toliet while flushing to get it off the liner. I never touch the toliet water and dont get my hands wet. I do this till most of it is off. I don't like to put big chunks ( sorry if tmi) in the washer as it takes more rinses to clean. If it continues to be stubborn, I lay it in the toliet with the edge under the seat so I dont have to dig it out. That usually works!!

Good luck!! You get so spoiled with those throw straight into the pail bm poopies!!!
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