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Getting a child on medical coupons actually seen somewhere?

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My daughter is on Medical coupons (state insurance). I called the back of my coupon to get a list of providers who accept our insurance (since I have had no luck searching on my own). They gave me a list of twelve different phone numbers. All of them are accepting new patients, but only for people with private insurance
So where the heck can I take her if no one will accept her insurance? I am in Tumwater/Olympia. I don't vax, so it isn't that urgent. But she is having some serious developmental issues that need to get addressed sooner rather than later. Anyone have any ideas? No wonder the ER's are always so jam packed full of simple illnesses.
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What's your HMO, are you Molina, Community Health, or Open Coupon?

Typically, you can find a pediatrician, ask them what they accept, and change your coupon. I don't know any peds in Oly, but it hasn't been an issue here to get a GOOD ped.

consider this a bump...
I don't have a specific insurance for her, she's just on children's medical. I am so frusterated right now, I'm ready to just pack up and go back to California. I have been on the phone being rejected all day long, it sucks.
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does washington have county health departments? since you don't need to have her seen by a ped for health reasons, the county health dept might be able to connect you with early intervention and have the developmental assessment that way.

i don't know what your approach has been with the ped's offices, but have you tried playing nice but confused and sad and really needing help while on the phone with them?

sending you hugs and peace and hoping you figure things out soon...

I had always thought that I needed a referal for Early intervention, that's why I've been trying to find a ped. But I just called my local office and they are coming to my house to check out Zayla on Thursday! So I don't need a doctor right now anyways. I did call the insurance people back, they're going to switch me to Molina and see if that helps. But it wont kick in until May. Thanks everyone
Oh, that sounds like a pain. In Seattle I was able to get DD seen easily with the medical coupons. Any chance you can drive up here if you can't find someone there? We saw Dr. Springer when DD when DD had Molina coverage.


Early Intervention Rocks! I was just coming back to suggest that.
wow, I am sorry you are having problems with it. I have had my boys on the medical coupon since we moved here in 2003 and I have never had any trouble, besides the occasional wait for a specialist.
Are you willing to go to Tacoma?
Our pediatrician (well...Nurse Practitioner) is excellent. She takes a lot of DSHS patients and likes to accept everyone as a patient. She loves her job and the kids she gets to see. So even though she gets paid a lot less when she takes "other" payment than cash or insurance, he's more than happy to do it. She's also supportive of non-vaxing. Her name is Michelle Hayes and the practise is called Fir Creek Pediatrics.
4113 Bridgeport Way W Suite F Tacoma, WA 98466 (253) 565-7686
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