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Getting a new machine need recs

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I am hopefully going to be sewing machine shopping soon. Currently I have a brother sewing machine. Very basic bottom of the line. I do some quilting and other sewing. I'm not looking for anything too fancy, I just want a good sturdy machine that will last a long time and am looking to spend around 500. What are some good brands to look at?
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I have a Janome MemoryCraft and love it. A bit pricey though. Jamone is a good brand IMO...although their customer service sucks. Bernina is great, too. Are you looking into new or used? Kenmores have a decent reputation and are less expensive...and I think you can get them serviced relatively easily.

HTH and happy machine shopping!!
I have a Bernina 131 - it is about 6 years old now - but a good "basic" machine. I really like the Berninas.
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