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Getting a tummy already?

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Anybody getting a tummy already? I have been chubby since my daughter was born so I've always had a gut but I am starting to get uncomfortable in my pants already. With my daughter (#2) I started showing at 5 weeks!!! I might be heading down that path again this time. Anyone else? And do you feel stupid wearing maternity clothes so early?
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in the morning i wake up slim as ever - and by the evening i look like i am 3 months pregnant!! this started really a few days ago. by the end of the day, i have to change my shorts into something that gives a little.

i remember this happened last time, but it DEFINITELY did not start this early!! i specifically remember wearing my normal jeans to my first bradley meeting with a rubber band around the button - and i was about 13 weeks at that point.

personally, my maternity clothes would be way too big still. i'm on the small side, so it takes a little bit before i can wear them without looking like i am swimming, but by the time evening comes, my tummy is DEFINITELY poking out in whatever i'm wearing. i just have to wear something that gives after about 3 pm. weird, huh???
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It's funny, because literally two weeks ago, my size ) pants were loose on me; now they're tight!! Believe me, by the time #5 comes along (#4 too for that matter), you "show" before you get a positive on your pregnancy test!! :LOL It's like your ligaments say...Awww screw it!!! :LOL
LOL!! I love this thread. I started looking bloated before I got the positive test! I did pull out my "fat" shorts that I bought after I had my third baby. They are just so much more comfortable. I can still button my normal sized shorts, but they're really tight!!
Hah! I had lost weight after my loss in March and bought some new summer clothes. Starting gaining a little back and then my new clothes were getting tight. Now I know why! Although, I am about 30 lbs (at least) overweight so I have a little belly anyway. It just looks different these days.
I'm definitely starting to pooch out already. And by the end of the day I am so bloated I look *really* big. :LOL I have exactly 1 pair of shorts and 2 pairs of capris that fit me right now but probably won't for much longer. Maternity clothes are still too big, so I'm on the hunt for some things with an elastic waist band. :LOL
I have a tummy bulge too. With my first pg, I didn't wear maternity clothes until 6 months so I'm surprised that it's happening so quick this time. I know it's baby related because I'm still loosing weight right now because of decreased appetite but I refuse to wear maternity clothes yet. I want to at least be in double digit weeks before I put on my first pair of panel pants, lol!
Last night my underware and pants were so tight there were marks on my tummy!
I am actually getting thinner...which is odd because I have been eating a LOT and no m/s yet (but I have been exercising a bit which is new to me). My pants were falling off yesterday.
i am definately showing. i thought maybe because Conner was a c-section and then I had hernia surgery this past January. Stomach muslce are pretty much non existent.
My belly is definitely pudgier, too! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Actually I think I've lost a pound or so on the scale, but my stomach is larger and clothes that are comfy are becoming a problem. Oh well!

Well I am now 4 weeks 3 days and I am SO pooching out! I actually had to wear a maternity skirt to church yesterday because none of my skirts fit! And my dresses were too tight around the bust so I guess my chest has grown too. I lost 3 lbs at the beginning and I've gained one back so I am still down 2 lbs., so it's definately not fat. I will be probably be full time in maternity clothes in about a week. Sigh. That's okay though, I am happy I am pregnant.
I havn't seen the bloating yet. And the past few months my husband and I were working out really hard. I dropped down 4 whole pants sizes from my pre-pregnancy size before Gabi who is 10 months old right now. My pants were falling off of me yesterday. But none of it means much to me. I starting wearing maternity at 8 weeks with my first, and at 11 weeks with my second. I am shooting for 12 weeks with this one but I will be surprised.
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I think I am
I'm not ready to be pulling out the paternity wear yet but my usual clothes are feeling too tight already and in the morning I cannot bear to wear anything at all tight or it makes the queasiness even worse!

I'm glad I'm not the only one though!
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Not fat is riding high (above my bellybutton) and below my bellybutton is still as it was, not fat, but not FLAT either :LOL I am not in a hurry to get in maternity clothes, although by the end of the day, they sound much more comfortable!!
I am definately pooching. I am not into maternity yet, but I am wearing my drawstring comfy preggie pants already. Helps with the m/s not to have tight pants!
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At 5 weeks I had to pull out my "transition" clothes. I'm *so* glad to know I'm not the only one!
definetly bloating now. Hubby wanted to take a belly pic yesterday but Im embarrased. Its so early, just 6 weeks. I will make myself wait atleast another 2 or 3 before i pull out any of my old maternity clothes. Hopefully by then the swelling/bloating will have gone down and then i can wait a few more weeks. Here's to hoping. If you pull out the mat. clothes early and then go back to reg clothes they don't quite understand.
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