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getting ahead of myself....

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okay. talk to me. i haven't done any of this yet but am super tempted to. when is a reasonable time to take tags off of clothes and wash them? wash cloth diapers? set up nursery????
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If you have the time, space, and feel like doing it now, then why not?

Personally, I don't have the room to set up a nursery right now. I have a small house and the baby won't really have a room of it's own just yet. It will be sleeping in the same room as me and my husband, and I've cleared away a space in our dining room/kitchen area for a play yard/bassinet/swing arrangement.

I haven't started going through clothes and stuff yet. My mom has a lot of stuff at her house that she's already bought and she and I need to get together to go through what we've got v. what we need.

I'm still trying to figure out what I really am going to need and actually use.
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I second the pp. If you wanna do it now, go nuts!
I have set myself a deadline to wait until my mom comes for a visit (end of march) before going crazy but that is mostly because I can't afford to start buying things before that! Why wait until you're so fat that moving furniture and doing laundry is super uncomfortable?
definitely do it when you feel like it. with a two year old around, we just don't have time yet. shorter bursts of productivity around here.

with my first, we started setting up in the 2nd trimester. we had a bunch of prefolds that we dyed, and i did the several washes necessary with new diapers as well. it took a while, and i was happy that i wasn't huge while doing it.
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My personal goal is to have the essentials set up and ready to go by 30 weeks. But that is because I had preterm labour with dd at 30 weeks and feel like I want things ready for this time around. I don't want to have to worry about what car seat to buy, washing baby clothes, diapers and packing a hospital bag while in preterm labour. Otherwise, I bet my goal would be to have it done for 36-37 weeks.

With dd, we had the nursery set up (which we never ended up using) at the beggining of the second trimester. But that was only because dp and I had to be living apart for work reasons and choosing the nursery set was a way to bond over the baby. When I came home for thanksgiving, he had it all set up just perfect as a surprise. It was lovely.

We're just starting to set things be set up. I went and bought some new cloth diapers, but they are in a bag still with receipt and my entire newborn diaper stash needs to be washed and made ready for babe.

I also went through all of dd's clothes and sorted the 0-6 months clothes and set them aside. They will need to be washed and brought up from the basement and placed in the nursery, which is still a storage room.

All of our baby toys are in a box, but I want to clean them and sort them and find somewhere to display the nursery room that is a storage place.

We are just starting to think about what colour to paint the nursery and how to decorate it. We'll keep it simple, but we need to figure out a couple things for storage (dresser etc), and to rearrange dd's room as we will betaking the change table out of her room for the new babe and that thing stores a lot of her things so she needs a new dresser too.

With a not yet 2 year old around, I am happy to get things done one wee thing at a time. If I wash the baby clothes and blankets by 30 weeks and put them in the nursery, then I will likely put them through a water only cycle in the machine just to freshen them up a bit sometime in june.

I see no reason not to have it all set up now if that is what works for you! Also starting now means you can pace yourself and not feel rushed to go buy this that and the other thing. People likely haven't gifted you very many things yet either, so wait and see what comes your way before you go nuts shopping.

Have fun!
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exciting and fun, but i have a slight cautionary~ my babies were all big big big! not one got to wear newborn size clothing, despite my careful preparations! and since i had washed them and removed the tags (with my first only!) there was little i could do with them! unworn hand-me-downs for my sisters' newborns!

Originally Posted by kosheng View Post
exciting and fun, but i have a slight cautionary~ my babies were all big big big! not one got to wear newborn size clothing, despite my careful preparations! and since i had washed them and removed the tags (with my first only!) there was little i could do with them! unworn hand-me-downs for my sisters' newborns!

Yes same here! DD went into 3-6 from day 1 and she was only 8p6oz.
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Yeah, I wouldn't take the tags off of all of the clothes yet, and you might want to try out a couple of the diapers before you decide if you like the fit for you baby.

Other than that... go for it! I love organizing and setting things up so I always get things ready really early. It is easier for me since it just means getting things out of the attic and washing it. I currently have most things set up including a little basket of supplies on the top ready to use.
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I haven't felt very "connected" to this pregnancy. So a couple weeks ago, when I got the urge, I bought a onesie and booties. I'm such a dork, I immediately took the tags off, washed them, and showed my parents and a friend at work. My husband thought I was a little crazy, but he was definitely happy that I was showing renewed interest in the baby after being sick and disconnected for so long. This is our first, so those are the only baby items we own!

Unfortunately, we live in a 1 bedroom apartment. Our lease is up June 1st. We're planning on looking for a 2 bedroom apartment soon. I'm just dying to start planning and decorating a nursery already. But I won't be able to until right before the baby is born!

Just go with it when you have the energy...who knows how long you'll have it.
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I've been doing clothes sorting and stuff like that, but that's cause I finally have some energy and I might not later. I want to (have DH) arrange furniture around 30 weeks so it will be done. I'm going to check carseat install whenever it warms up. I want to see if I can keep my 4 yo in the center, but don't want to be climbing in and out of the car trying to buckle seats when I'm super-huge. After that, I'll take it back out until like 38 weeks. Baby will be in our room for several months, so we'll probably set up the bassinet around 36-38 weeks too.
I will probably wash the bedding, carseat cover, diapers, and clothes around 36-38 weeks. If you do it too early, I'd be worried stuff would get dusty or something? I guess if you washed everything and then stuck it in rubbermaid tubs or ziplocs it would stay clean. For new stuff, I won't take tags off until the kid gets here and then have DH do a load of laundry before we come home.
Granted, this is all theoretical. I may get too excited and do it all sooner! I know the crib, dresser, etc. won't be going in the room until at least April since the kid's room currently has no floor. I may also get more done earlier if I have energy now and may not later.
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