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getting baby to relatch

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Hi mamas. I have decided to try to relactate! I am concerned about getting Colby to relatch, though. He will latch on, but not really on a regular basis. Would nipple shields help? The last time he BF was at 3 months old. He's now 7 1/2 months old. Any advice? TIA!

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My daughter didn't latch until she was 10 weeks old.... I tried constantly, in different settings.

I would say DO NOT use a nipple shield.... they lower your supply, reduce the suckling effect, and are just an artificial product that gets in between you and your baby... just another thing to wean from...

I was about ready to give up and just EP for her when she finally *GOT* it. The day before she had cried and cried at the breast, and the next day she latched on and didn't look back!

Good luck!!
Do not use a nipple shield without supervision. They can cause all kinds of problems if you aren't VERY careful. They're kind of a last resort. My son wouldn't latch either, in fact I EP for him, but the only times I EVER had success getting him on the breast for any length of time was when I took him in the bathtub with me. If your baby likes the bath, that is. I think it relaxes them and reminds them of being in utero. It sounds weird, but give it a shot. LMK if you have any luck with that and I can give you some ideas for getting him to latch outside of the tub as well, because presumably at some point in the future you will want to be able to feed him elsewhere, lol.
I have no advice about relactating and latching but I wanted to give you some encouragement!!!!!Good for you and baby for giving relactation a try!! I'm very impressed!!!
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It was the best decision I ever made. DS would not latch either (he's 3 months). We started relactating a week ago and I tried him on my breast last Tuesday. He SCREAMED and it broke my heart. My doctor warned me not to force him and if he would'nt go then just let him be and try again, so I did. She said if you force him then he will start to pull away when he even sees the breast coming. The next time he explored my breast with his tongue. The next time he latched, rather poorly, but I just let him do his thing. Each time he latches better and longer (as my milk supply comes in). You can do this.
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If you're wanting to relactate, definatley see an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant! Today's nipple sheilds are very well designed and are a very thin layer of silicone. If used correctly, under the supervision of an IBCLC, they can be very useful tools! Don't use one unless you have this sort of supervision tho, as the other posters have said, they *can* cause problems! They are only meant for short term use!!! I'd try first w/o the sheild tho!

Congratulations on your descision to relactate!
Thank you for all of your replies. I did get the idea for a nipple shield from my LC, but I'll probably try without one first.

CJR~ Any tips on relactating? I just got some Mother's Milk Tea, and am looking into getting Dompernidone. (sp?) I am glad to hear it worked for you! Very encouraging!

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So far I am taking whatever is said to work. My doctors instructions say that if you take herbs and Motilium (Domperidone) they must be taken together. She also says that the tea is less concentrated than the capsules and does'nt recommend it to relactate, although it may help to increase an already established supply. Her instructions are to take 3 Motilium, 3 Fenugreek and 3 Blessed Thistle 3x/day. She said that the max dose of Motilium is 16-10mg tablets per day, but to start off lower. She said it takes 48 hours to start working and really kicks in after a couple of weeks. I also take a woman multi-vitamin with extra calcium and a cal/mag tablet so I'm getting about 1000mg of calcium a day. I am eating oatmeal every morning. My supply is increasing daily. I started to relactate on Wednesday (getting just drops at first, but now there is about a tsp in the collection bottle). If you are taking enough Fenugreek you should be able to smell it on your skin. It's a lot of pills, but it's working so I'm sticking with it. Ds is getting better at latching, I just take it slow and follow his lead. I put ds to the breast befor giving him his bottle and when he fusses I take him off (usually only a few min as my supply is very small right now), after I feed him then I pump. I also pump 2 extra sessions at night, so I am pumping about 8 times a day. I pump for at least 10 min or until I have squeezed out every last drop, but no longer than 15 min. I have only used the SNS once and don't care for it, neither does ds. I am using a hospital grade pump.

I hope I helped? Good luck.
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