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Getting burnt out

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We're temporarily using disposables

We've been here before- I had no problem CDing my oldest. My youngest (15 months now) is so hard to fit. It seems no matter what we buy she has these huge rings aroun her legs and/or back from the diaper being to tight. She's got some chunky thighs I guess.

I've gone through so many diapers trying to find some that fit. When we do find some- it seems they work a month before she outgrows them. but she really doesn't seem that big to me??!! maybe they are shrinking on me. :LOL It is horrible, I'll buy one- say "works great" buy an entire stash of that brand and within a month it is leaving marks and irritating her. Frustrating.

My thing is trim- I like trim diapers. She gets really red and 'raw" every time I try wool. So I'm thinking wool is out. I love pockets, I also love fitteds. I can't get the hang of prefolds (I would love to get the hang of them- a fold that is trim and stays in place) I am simple- I don't need fancy. I used proraps with my oldest and I loved them- but they leave horrible marks on my youngest.

Now that I've
Does anyone have any suggestions? I bought two cases of 7th generation dipes and I want to be back in cloth before they run out.
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Have you tried Fuzzibunz or Lucy's Hope Chest AIO's? Those two work great for my chunky monkey. For fitted diapers I love Sugarplum Baby but I'm still looking to find a cover that won't leave marks. I use wool soakers most of the time but I know that's not an option for you.
I do occasionally use my Bummi's super whisper wrap and it's not as bad as my other covers. Forget about the prowraps! I'm thinking I might have better luck with some fabric covers with snaps. Maybe some WAHM covers like Lucy's Hope Chest or Full Moon Baby Gear if I can get my hands on one. lol
With a bit of practice this fold: and the Bikini Fold (folded in back) have been working for me when no others really did. The others just seemed to slide right off of him but these work for me! lol
Is she skinny with chubby thighs?

This is my dd (23 mo and 30 lbs, with a tiny skinny waist) and we get a great trim fit with Sugar Peas Size 1 (go organic cotton, IME the hemp she uses these days seems to wear really fast, I hate it) and Lukes drawers quick dry cotton kisses (My fav!). You can buy both from natural babies and save on shipping maybe.

Bumpy covers also have nice gentle elastic and wide leg openings (I've only tried the wool ones though).
Sigh, I hear you. There seems to be no middle ground between trim and great for under clothes, whilst still comfy and nice to wear.

I adore the fit of bumkins covers with a hemp contour for under clothes. Its a very trim combo. But take it off her and the velcro has scratched her tummy, dug into her thighs and she's got elastic bite marks round her legs.

Go big, soft and pouffy and you cant fit any clothes over it.

I like side snapping these days for comfort, if not for trimness. That elastic across the tummy must be much nicer to wear. I like covers bound with fold over elastic, that's much less bitey than sewn in elastic, but with snaps - I've got one coming from Crystals Cloth that Im looking forward to getting. I made two great ones with the very baby pattern but dont really like the velcro closure.

I'd like to like wool covers, I really think they'd be most comfortable of all, but find I cant tolerate the bulk. It cant feel nice stuffing all that fabric into a pair of jeans and trying to move. Imagine wearing a diaper and wool cover yourself under a pair of jeans!
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Oh and ditto Lucy's Hope Chest. The cut and fit of these is very very nice.

Originally Posted by Jachut
I'd like to like wool covers, I really think they'd be most comfortable of all, but find I cant tolerate the bulk. It cant feel nice stuffing all that fabric into a pair of jeans and trying to move. Imagine wearing a diaper and wool cover yourself under a pair of jeans!
Yeah I've given up on jeans for my DS and it's kind of sad because they are so cute on him! And I've had to give up jean shorts too of course. It's only strechy clothes for him now. But I figure his butt must be more comfy so it's worth it. Besides once he is potty trained he can get back in the jeans

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If I were you, I'd keep working on prefolds-- well worth the effort, and so very, very easy once you get the hang of it (and you WILL get the hang of it, I absolutely promise, if you keep trying). So, does DD have a wool allergy? Maybe try fleece? Or for a super-trim fit, nothing beats a simple nylon pull on cover, and most don't leave red marks. BTW, Proraps left HORRIBLE marks on DD, too . . .I've heard this from many others, too. (Bummis don't, though, on my DD!)
Have you tried ME? My girl is rather trim all over, but even so the elastic is so gentle I can't imagine them leaving marks at all.
I ditto the prefolds. Also, all fleece covers give a great stretch without leaving red marks.
BBD-I haven't tried mother ease. One other problem is that I am just so cheap!

DJA- what is an acrylic soaker? you mean an acrylic knit cover? Never thought of it honestly.

Miz- I was able to use the newborn prefolds with my oldest but once she outgrew them I never could manage the bulk of the next size. What size to you use and how do you deal with all teh extra material? I had prem. size and I'm wodnering if I shouldn't have tried the size between newborn and prem.
I don't know that she has an actual wook allergy because she can wear wool sweaters that her auntie has knitted her. Maybe it is something to do with wool and moisture that does it? I do remember that she did ok with aristocrats. It was teh felted wool that she hasn't been able to handle. So I think it is more that particular type of fabric than an actual wool allergy. However the aristocrats were always damp- they've leave my shirt and the car seat wet.
Do yuo use pins or a snappi? I have had the snappi dig into my DD a few times and that really turned me off to them. I used pins for awhile but I couldn't get it secure enough.

Jachut- I'll try the LHC, I had never heard fo them. As long as they aren't to pricey of course. LOL I never do seperated with cloth diapers. It seems they just pull the diapers down. We do little dresses or overalls or rompers. When you say side snapping do you mean PUL covers or fitteds? I had one side snapping PUL cover and it was like plastic pants- no hold to it. However they left only light marks.

Natashaccat- I think she is pretty chunky all over. She was an 11 pound baby and has lots of baby fat. I think she's petite in the sense that she isn't going to be huge, or isn't just real big- she just has baby fat. What is IME? Imse Vimse? I've not tried lukes drawers yet... I keep hearing about them. They go around chunky thighs well?

Jenn- I hadn't seen that fold before i might just try it. Would probably work with pins to right?

Ember- I have tried FB. They were my favorite with my oldest. I bougth an antire uniform stash of newborn FB when she was born. She was 11 pounds and they barely fit. Let marks when I did try them. I haven't tried them since she's gotten older though. I'm gonna look up LHC here in a minute.
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danahen- do fleece covers seem damp? That is the one things DH can't handle. He's got OCD and tends to be really sensative to anything that doesn't seem 100% sanitary.
My ds was 10 pounds and I entirely skipped over anything that said newborn so I can relate.
When I use the fuzzibunz, I pull the fleece out a bit in the back so the back elastic doesn't touch him. That's the only part that ever leaves marks on him.
Good luck!
Oh, and report back if you have any luck with covers. I need a good one too that won't leave marks.

Also,when we use prefolds I do the bikini twist too.
I shoulda ctually say I bought an entire stach *before* she was born- I had no idea she would be 11 pounds. I wouldn't have ordered the newborn if I had known. lol.
I like the Lucy's Hope Chest by looks- what si the difference between the knit and woven? Is the knit a lot softer?

What is most absorbant inside? hemp, BKT or sherpa?
I have a few LHC's and I hated the sherpa for the snap-in. I have a light wetter and the sherpa was always soaked within 1/2 hour.
For us the BKT has worked wonderfully and absorbed alot! I like the hemp too though.
I'm sure there are a lot of great WAHMs out there willing to do a
custom order for you
Thay can just not pull the elastic as tight
: If there is a favorite WAHM you love, email them about your problem
I would also suggest a diaper that has no casings in the legs like HH or VeryBabies. HTH
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If you want the maximum stretch you want knit outers. I was in denial about that because most of the fabric I like are wovens but my knit outers are going to out last my wovens fit wise. Makes sense - they are stretchier!

Hemp is the most absorbant fabric around. It makes for a trimmer diaper, too.

You might want to look at Sugarbums. I just got mine 2 days ago and have only had 1 wear in it but I like it so far. I have the French cut and it seems like it would be great for chunky thighs. The trimness factor is good, too. I haven't tried it on my big bottom girl so I'm not sure about the bum coverage. It is a very, very soft, cuddly fitted. Totally lined in micro fleece so it's super soft. The elastic isn't sewn onto the fleece either so I can't imagine it leaving red marks. Definitely worth considering I think.

For prefolds - the regulars are going to be less bulky but not as absorbant as the premium.

Wool has varying degrees of softness. Something like merino or cashmere blend is super soft. If you have an aunt who knits you might want to ask her if she'd knit you some soakers. Ask around on the Crafts board for a good pattern for chunky babies and get a rec. for soft wool.
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Christy- thanks, I was thinking hemp

Christiansmom- I really don't have any fave WAHM's. I buy mostly used and if it doesn't fit I move on. I haven't really looked at them to see if I would ahve liked them. guess I should have
HH is the diaper I've been using that has worked the best. I just wasn't fond of how they held up. The fleece seemed very thin and by the time we were done with them the fleece didn't seem to be working like it should on keeping her dry. It also left marks on her back even when I pulled the fleece up. over the elastic. but ti has been the best fit yet.
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