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Getting carseat ready for baby ?

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I see a lot of nesting/are you ready threads! I am freaking out too much to respond! LOL.

We are using DS's Britax Roundabout and I was wondering if anyone has had experience washing the cover? It says to handwash - but I am considering delicate cycle. I know the Marathon is machine washable...but Roundabout doesn't say that. any advice??????

Thanks -

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Popping in from August to say I'm washed the cover to DD's Roundabout a few times now. Delicate cycle, and I hang it to dry. Hasn't seemed to cause any problems, though getting all the straps back in place is a bit tricky the first time. You might borrow a tip from my car-repairing hubby - take pictures of it before you start disassembling it, and maybe a couple halfway through. Because sure enough eight hours later when the cover's dry, you're not going to remember just where that certain strap belongs.

Be sure to take the instruction manual out of the little storage pocket BEFORE it goes through the wash. I learned that one the hard way.

Oh, and safety technicians say you should never, ever wash the straps themselves. Something about it weakens the fibers. I'm not sure I'm sold on that, but I thought I should tell you that's what the experts say.

yep, nesting here too! Trying to keep it at bay just a FEW more weeks though. I really want to get to 37 weeks before peanut comes out!

Oh and on the carseat. I went to BBrUs to find one and saw the Britax (what everyone suggests) and it was UGLY!! Gray??? For a baby??? What were they thinking???
Ds's marathon cover has been washed at least 3 or 4 times. I wash in a warm/cold gentle cycle, then hang dry outside. It still fits and looks fine.
Kristi: you can get different covers.

I know a few people who have washed their covers on delicate and hung to dry, just don't use fabric softener. It can mess with the fire retardant
For the straps, take vinegar and wipe them down.. thats what our state troopers said to do so it doesnt affect how they work.. dont wash them just wipe em with vinegar... same with seatbelts in your car.. if you ever need to clean em... just wipe em with vinegar...

oh, and you can buy different covers for the Britax seats OR you can order a Britax online and get a different color.. they now have college football teams LOL... too cute! My dd is in a pretty Roundabout
We wash our Britax Roundabout cover in the washing machine and it looks fine.
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