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Getting Clothes UnStiff or Not Stiff From Hanging On The Line

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Okay, How do I get the clothes unstiff?

My mom always hung clothes out to dry and they were never stiff stiff stiff as a board! So how can I make them uncrisp?
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Try giving them a good shake before hanging them. Hold them from the top and snap them in front of you so they make a noise. Does that make sense? That helps them to dry a little more smoothly and also to get a bit softer. Also, if they dry faster in the hot sun I think they get a bit stiffer than if there is a breeze to keep them moving. One other thing that really helps but is a hassle is to dry them a few minutes in the dryer first. Not sure if you have a dryer or not. It still saves you a lot on energy usage but is a bit of a pain to have to do that and then get them on the line. For some reason it works better than putting them in the dryer after they are dry.
We don't mind the stiffness, because it does go away if you fold the clothes or after you wear them for a bit. Nice stiff towels dry your body so much better too, IMO.

You can put some vinegar in your rinse cycle as a fabric softener. Also, try cutting down on the laundry soap. Soap buildup can cause stiff clothes (ever strip diapers and notice how soft they are afterwards?)

You mentioned in your other post that they dried in 30 minutes...that's quick! And also most likely why your clothes are stiffer. You can double hang clothes and they take longer to dry but they're softer.
I agree w all ideas. I hate my clothes all stiff but dh loves it that way. To each his own I guess.

So I compromise. I give all the other laundry a good shake out before hanging and leave his to be stiff as a board.

Now that the weather is breaking I cannot wait to hang dry clothes and cloth diapers!
After you take them off the line, toss them in the dryer for 5 minutes on "fluff" with a damp rag. Softens them up beautifully. I
my clothesline.
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