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I am a teacher and will be going back to work this fall after being home almost 7 months. DH is a prof/musician who will be home with ds 2 days a week. Ds will be in a home daycare near my school the other 3 days.

I realize this post is probably prompted by a terrible evening where ds refused a bottle from dh, was teething, overtired, would only be with mommy, but it's not doing anything for my back to work anxiety.

Ds has taken a bottle well, but not lately in the last month. I'm worried that he doesn't want to take one anymore! How do I get him back in the habit of taking one from dh regularly?

Ds has so many of those "only mom will do" moments, and they just make me panic (and dh, too!). He's around a lot now, but how can I get them more comfortable to be together without me?

For those of you who have been there, how was the adjustment period for your lo and your dh/dp? What should I anticipate?


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OKay, don't panic! If your dh is a dedicated dad (which he clearly must be, to be a part time SAHD), they'll find a rhythm that works for them. My dh found it was actually a lot easier when I was gone altogether than when ds knew I was around.

Some things that really helped my dh:
* having a carrier that he was really comfortable using, and getting out of the house for frequent walks (and later, daddy dates at the park).
* having an ipod fully loaded with stuff in case he got "stranded" by a sleeping baby.
* feeding ds while he was in the carrier, held close to his body
* trying alternate feeding methods instead of a bottle (which ds was less than enthusiastic about): an advil dropper, a soft silicone cup, a Nuby sippy cup
* a quote here, "develop a repertoire of physical motion," ie, to sooth
* another quote, "don't let fear of an outburst keep you cooped up inside."

Best of luck!
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