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Getting FRUSTRATED!!!! (Kinda long!)

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I keep having contractions... Back contractions like I had once "real" labor began with my DD... But I will have maybe 4 or 5 in an hour and then they just stop! Or I will have one or two and then it will be 30 minutes or a few HOURS until I feel anything else again! I woke up at 3 am Thursday and had contrax that were 7 minutes apart for about 45 minutes then they stopped. Then I woke up Friday monring at 4 am and had contrax every FIVE minutes... I kept watch f the clock and kept thinking, "Should I wake up DH?" Then I thought I would wait til an hour was up and if I was still ahving them, I would wake him up... And don't ya know it, ten minutes before 5 was when they stopped! (this is in addition to all the irregular and sporadic contrax I have throughout the day!) Then last night after dinner, I started having them five minutes apart again. They weren't painful, just annoying, really, with a tightness/sort or soreness across my lower back. Also, I was getting VERY queasy with each one and a couple of times I thought dinner was gonna make a grand re-entrance! (I threw up so much while in labor with DD that they ended up having to give me 3 bags of fluid, so this got me wondering if this was really it, too!) This all went on for 45 minutes, so I went and got into a nice warm tub. I was in there for another 45 minutes and they were still coming. I had DD get my DH to come haul the "beached whale"
out of the water. I showered off and washed my hair and shaved my legs (as best I could!
) to be "ready"! I got out of the shower and went to go get dressed... And dont you know it?? By the time I was all dressed and ready to call the friends watching DD, they STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!! I kept having them on and off all night long (so I am really tired), but they weren't anything regular! I even slept on a garbage bag with towels over it just in case my water decided to break!

This morning, my lower back is sore! Have you had that achy feeling across your lower back when you haven't had enough water? That is what my back feels like. This is how is aches, too, when I am having the contrax and this is what it felt like when in labor with my DD. Not painful, just uncomfy, ya know what I mean? SO that it has me TOTALLY questioning if this is "real" labor, since it's NOT painful, or I am making it all up in my head because I am in such bad pain from my pelvic regions that I would really like to have this baby! My DD was 2 weeks early, so I kind hope this little one decides to be early as well! Because I am sick of the pain so that I wait until the LAST second to go pee due to the pain of walking, AND becuase these contrax are REALLY getting annoying! LOL

I am getting SOOO frustrated! COME ON ALREADY! LOL This is probably the ONLY time I envy those having a planned c-section! LOL *sigh* This waiting game ESPECIALLY with the contrax tossed in, is SO not fun!!


Thanks for letting me vent!

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I find it's best to not time contractions. Kind of like a pot of boiling water; never seems to boil when we look at it. I find it's better to not stress about the time intervals, but to notice if they gain intensity or not. I totally understand how annoying it is thought.
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Could be positioning issue... check out
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I'm right there with you! I hate the contractions without the baby delivery!! Luckily I'm due on Thursday... the most I can go over is 2 weeks... right?
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Kerri I hope you get some real action soon!!!! Sounds like it could be any minute now.
Hang in there and vent anytime!!!
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