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Getting Moby TIGHT?!?!

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Okay, I got a Moby wrap and I really want to love it (especially since my husband is getting pretty exasperated at seeing all the baby carriers I ordered arrive in the mail!) Anyway, I follow the instructions but can't seem to get it tight enough on me. I put baby in it and her head is not well supported (she is only 2 weeks old).....It seems to be on correctly but just not tight enough and I am not sure how to fix this. Any advice from Moby lovers??? It's so soft and cozy looking, but so far I just keep going back to my KKAFP because it's so much easier!
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I have never used a Moby, but maybe can offer some tips, make sure you are tighten the the top and bottom rails as you are wrapping, bounce and jiggle, hehe to get it a little tighter. I dont know how stretchy it is, but those tips may help!

Good luck and enjoy
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are you pre-tying or tying around baby? if you are pre-tying, tie it tight. like tighter then you would think. and like the previuos poster said, if you're tying around baby, make sure to adjust the rails seperatly and again, tie it tighter then you think you should.
Yeah you have to get the Moby tight. The material is so stretchy that you need it tighter than you think. You may have to cris-cross higher than your nipple line. It's taken me a few months to get the hang of wearing my guy outward. He was alway coming loose. I especially loved carrying my baby in it when he was really new. It feels so good to be chest to chest.
clovergirl said:
are you pre-tying or tying around baby? QUOTE]

Yeah, I am pre-tying. I was hoping to be able to use it and put it on at home and then just be able to pop baby in and out for errands, but can't get the hang of it yet.....Really, I have only tried a few times but just got frustrated and was wondering what kind of learning curve this darn thing has. Then I just end up using my pouch again because I can figure that one out : ) Anyway, maybe if I can get my 3 year old occupied with something this afternoon I can devote a bit of time to trying to wrap the Moby again!!!
Some recomend tying it 5 minutes to tight. Meaning that it will feel a bit too snug for the first few minutes, but then as it stretches it will end up just right.

good luck
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Definitely make it too tight and then stretch the material out to pop her in. As far as her head support, either lay her in it or use one of the front shoulder "straps" to support her head, as pictured in the top right and bottom left photos on their site:
I LOVE my moby and hope you come to love yours!
This information will be helpful, I think. It's difficult to get it tight enough.
Definitely, as the pp's have said, tie it way tighter than you think you'll want/need it. Another tip based on my experiences is to put the cumberbund/label right under your boobs instead of at your bellybutton like the instructions show. I've found that the cumberbund gets too saggy and loose if it's not nice and high when you first tie the Moby.
Good luck- I think you'll end up loving it! Just keep trying...
I had difficulty with mine when I first received it. Getting used to it takes a little time. I love it now though!! Keep trying!
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