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Getting Oprah on board-the plan

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(this thread is a spinoff from the thread titled Oprah's similac contest)

Here is the plan as of late

We will send as many emails, letters, video letters, etc, as we can to get Oprah's attention during World Breastfeeding week 2006 which is the first week of August.

We will also send letters to people who are pro breastfeeding, who are working with some of the same issues Oprah is and who have some connection with Oprah or can get through to her.
Some good candidates are Dr. Mehmet Oz, Maria Shriver, Anderson Cooper. Whoever you might think can help.

The purpose is to get Oprah to see the value of breastfeeding as related to the issues that she cares about
Poor America
Empowering Women
Empowering African Americans
Katrina and the aftermath
Changing the way women view thier bodies
Healthy children
Africa _ I think we should focus domesticly but if someone has a lot of knowledge and info in this area then go for it.

What exactly do we want Oprah to do? I think a segment on breastfeeding would be great but long term support in smaller doses is going to be very, very effective. Some things we might ask her for are-

no more formula commercials or adds on her show or in her mag.

BFing ads place of the formula ones - pro-bono

We could give her some good show topics (they are aways asking anyway) such as Mama's who REALLY have a low supply and the lenghts they go to to make sure their baby gets breastmilk. Oprah loves extraordinary women and I am in awe of those Mama's. I am sure there are some very creative Mama's who have moving Bfing stories that can think of some other topics.

Include nursing wear and baby slings in one of her fashion show segments

Again there is a yahoo group that has been started

The idea is to get enough lactivists motivated to reach out to as many in her circle as possible and get people to send letters who normally wouldn't take the time.

We are creating a kit for everyone to use to make things easier - complete with form letters for those who are not up to writing their own. the goal is to be done with that at the end of April.

Well that is it for now. Just wnated to let you all know where we are with is all.
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Sounds like a great plan
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yeah! awesome, i'll do my part to help out.
Great to see lactivism in action! Keep us updated!
Coming into this one late, but just a thought...

Would it make more sense to bombard her BEFORE World Breastfeeding week so she can (hopefully) do a segment on breastfeeding DURING WBW?

Great ideas!
Subscribing. I'm unfamiliar with what is going on here so I need to some background work.
I think by August there are re-runs. We would have to be getting her attention now to make that target. We want to really get everyone on the same page and be in unison. This could take some time. There are many people and agencies to contact. We origionaly thought about Mothers day but it is to quick. We HAVE to do this right for it to have an impact.

I think less people watch TV in August as well. We thought if we aimed for WBFW we could possibly get something done for the fall season. Also that is just a few weeks before the Katrina 1 year anniversary. Hoping to get her to mention BFing in relation.

I love that you are thinking along those lines though, let's keep it coming. We need as many heads thinking as possible.
Good job ladies.

I'll be watching to see if there is anything I can do to help. I'm doing much less these days, as my girls grow up, but I still check on things. You know that I'm frustrated with Oprah, but I'll always support new people with new enthusiasm to try again - that's what its all about, and why the issue must always be in the control of the currently nursing, and passionate moms!

If I find any information or evidence to add, I'll let you know.

BTW, Travolta is a big friend of hers - I think Kelly *******, his wife, breastfed?

I thought Kelly ******* BF anyone know for sure?
How about Katie Holms BFing or not?

what about Angelina and Brad, can we get them on board w/ BFing in Africa? I have no doubt she will BF.

Personally I am going to focus on Dr. Oz next.

Even Oprah doesn't respond we may get the attention of some other famous faces. I really believe getting TV, Radio and hollywood on our side is the best way to go if we want to make movement in an upwards scale rapidly.

Big stars get paid big money just to mention a medication. Big companies pay big bucks just to appear in a Movie. Something as simple as a target truck going down the highway in a movie is a paid advertisement because these big companies KNOW the influence media has over people.

I think it is safe to say that Oprah is one of the most influential people on women of childbearing age.

JesiLynn - I like your new signature (smiley)
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Has anyone mentioned the childhood obesity/lack of breastfeeding link?

Since Oprah is so focused on weight loss, I would think this would interest her. Wasn't she big on realizing that she was "eating her emotions" - I would assume that Oprah herself was bottle fed?

BTW, the only reading I've ever done on AA and bfing was in this book - I'll attach my book review if anyone is interested. This may be helpful with understanding the point of view of various moms in America.

At The Breast
Ideologies of Breastfeeding and Motherhood in the Contemporary United States
Linda M. Blum

Beacon Press Boston, 1999 ISBN 0-8070-2141-5 282 pages

Review by Janice Reynolds

I wasn't sure if I was going to "like" this book. Unlike other "breastfeeding" books I have read, I didn't know how this book would end - pro or anti-breastfeeding?

Linda Blum teaches sociology and women's studies at the University of New Hampshire, and approaches this debate from the feminist point of view. She surveyed feminist books on mothering, breastfeeding articles in 30 years of popular magazines, reviewed medical journals, attended LLL meetings and interviewed a wide variety of mothers.

The book starts with a chapter on the history of motherhood and breastfeeding in the United States, and how society has always had a say in mothering and women's bodies, whether it was the state, maternalist socities, science, or currently, the economy. Rarely are mothering decisions allowed to be made on the basis of what is best for the woman.

Blum, chapter by chapter, looks at middle-class white mothers (through the LLL), white working-class mothers, and black working-class mothers. In questioning them about their mothering decisions (not just breastfeeding) she shows how these groups have very different factors that weigh into their motherhood decisions. For example, the middle-class mother sees the benefits of breastfeeding as an edge to maintaining her threatened middle-class position. She usually has a husband to support her, and sees the intact mother/father family unit as necessary to successful child-rearing. The white working class woman may lack the earnings of a man in the family, so her route to upward class mobility is to either get married to her man, or get him earning the money. So if that man is not supportive of breastfeeding, it may be much more important to her to keep him happy, than to gain the health benefits of breastfeeding. In contrast, the black working-class woman often doesn't look to a man to help her, but will work herself, and utilize her friends and family to help raise her child. So often her most practical decision is to bottlefeed, so anyone can care for the child. As well, Blum suggests that there are carryover issues of slavery to deal with. As slavery was often justified on the idea that "blacks were like animals themselves", any appeals to promote breastfeeding on the basis of its "naturalness" since we, too, are "mammals", may be totally repugnant to the black woman. The working class woman is much more open to scrutiny by the state through the welfare and health system, and these women may rather formula feed (the majority and approved method) than enduring the repeated interference that getting support for breastfeeding success may require.

As a feminist, Blum sees the woman and her own best interest lost in debate. She proposes that the pleasurable feelings, and the health advantages for the mother be emphasized more.

A number of the books she refers to throughout are on my reading list, and I wish I had read them before starting this book. These include Adrienne Rich's "Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution" and Sharon Hays' "The Cultural Contradictions of Motherhood".
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Just saw that Oprah is promoing a show for tomorrow with Bill Gates & wife.

BTW - Bill Gates set up a fund for childhood health, and I believe that breastfeeding is part of it.

bill gates supports breastfeeding!
Good point about childhood obesity. Arnold Schwazernegger and Maria Shriver are also doing work with childhood obesity. I began to include that in my letter to Maria but in the end w/ Ashley's help we decided to delete it since the letter was getting long and complicated.

The main point of the letter is to peak Maria's interest on visiting the issue and to be moved to speak with her friend Oprah about it.

So anyone writing to Maria, this could be a good angle to peak her. She is a really good person to contact, not only because her and Oprah are friends but she and Arnold are obvioulsy connected to hollywood and they have motivation given their postion in office.
There are some realy great ideas happening here. You've got my support!
Oprah is based in Chicago and so is La Leche League. As LLL is an organization about women, created and run by women, that alone should be enough to get Oprah's attention. Add to that LLL went from 7 women to a huge international organization, is considered one of the leading authorities on Bf'ing world wide, and is coming up on it's 50th aniversary and I would think Oprah would be very interested in spotlighting breastfeeding and LLL during WBW.
Well, we're not targeting for a show during WBW, we're asking that all letters be sent to her offices during that week. We're asking her to run a segment during the 1 yr anniversary of Katrina, since her focus this season is on Poverty in America. We're also asking for her to the other things Mary (Mamapits) elaborated in her first post - some of the intangibles, like just stop supporting the formula industry by accepting their advertising dollars.

LLLI is not a political organization. They are ONLY information and support.
I have it on good authority that there is a has been (since last year) a small movement among some LLL folks to get LLL featured on Oprah in celebration of their 50th anniversery. :) While LLL is NOT a political organization, I can see how it would be feasible for these two issues to intertwine. Afterall, LLL is at the forefront of change, especially here in the Southeast where the bfing rates are so terribly low. :)
How perfect is that?!

This is exactly how I think it needs to happen. Not just one segment with a bunch of controversy in it but smaller things through out the season like acknowledging LLL's 50 yr anniversary and getting them a little exposure.
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