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Getting Pregant While Under Bouts Of Stress?

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I've been online looking things up about any connections to stress and pregnancy. Statistically some sites say it hinders it others not so much. So, I thought I'd come here and ask if any of you have gotten pregnant with intermittent stress.

For us stress comes and goes. Generally my only symptom is a tense stomach - which I feel at times even when I appear and feel otherwise calm. Other times not so much. Other than the short bout of stress when children misbehave, there's on and off issues with house-buying (we all know how that can be. Anxiety over if it'll go through and so on)

I've read that daily stress shouldn't affect it and your body adjusts to that. Other places say it does affect. Others agree,but only that it delays ovulation and makes you possibly miss the fertile time. Seems no one can agree... and maybe that's because it's just different for us all.

Have any of you gotten pregnant under similar circumstances? Alternatively, have you found that these sorts of circumstances do, indeed hinder conception? TIA
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Personally, we got pregnant in June the weekend we moved from a house where the landlord was getting foreclosed on and had literally gone off the deep end to thr point where we called the cops. For me, I was under a lot of stress - and I ovulated the Monday we moved and then got pregnant from it, so in my case stress did not prevent conception.
As I am prone to anxiety, my acupuncturist likes to remind me that women get pregnant all the time in the middle of wars. So, she doesn't think that me being stressed out about this or that is going to 100% PREVENT me from getting pregnant at all. However, it will make my life miserable, which will affect my general health, (which may affect fertility to a degree, I guess) so she is trying to help and support me in reducing stress all around.

She also recommended a book by Alice Domar that was INCREDIBLY helpful to read. You can order a CD with relaxation meditations on it. Alice Domar runs the mind-body program at Boston IVF, and has a lot to say about stress and infertility. The book is called Conquering Infertility.
Thanks for both of your responses. It does seem to vary greatly person to person. A friend said she conceived her twins - accidentally on BC when overly stressed as well.

As for me, I guess it DID stop things. I had my first month 100% stress free and wouldn't you know it, I got my BFP this morn.

I did check out those books by Alice online. They look like excellent resources and I'm going to get a couple later on.
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I got pregnant during the month when my parents were officially seperating. The stress delayed ovulation that cycle (didn't ovulate until CD39), but we are expecting #2 in February.
Pregnancy, for me, is weird. While my cycles follow all the textbooks, my conceptions seem to be the opposite.

My first- I was 17, using protection, not stressed...until the positive test.

My second, no stress when starting to ttc, ttc for 6 years, various amounts of stress throughout, needed an IVF, that worked.

This one, VERY VERY stressed, on ppd meds that had a side effect of inhibiting ovulation, gaining weight, messed up cycles, little to no sex....positive pg test. Can't really explain it.
Well..... We decided to "try" to have a baby August '08.

I got pregnant after some pretty stressful stuff:

Stopped birth control after 15 years of solid use (August '08)

Moving home from school from one state to our home state (August '08)

After a devastating motor vehicle accident (Sept '08 - see the story here if you'd like, not scary but I was soooo nervous in the interview)

We then lived in our van for a few months in the winter, which was a blast, however, didn't know I was pregnant those 3 months.

Talk about stressful. We had stopped thinking about it, due to the accident. I think that was our secret to success, not thinking about it.
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