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Getting ready to TTC ? on Birth Control

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Hi ladies!

Well, my DH and I are talking about TTC! YAY! It will be a few months (at least), but I am on the pill and I'm wondering when I should stop taking it...

should I stop a few months before we are ready to TTC and just use other methods of BC?

or should I stop right before we start TTC?

Are there benefits to stopping early? What did you do? Ok, enough with the thousand questions!
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I would recommend stopping now, and using another method of BC (non-hormonal) until TTC.

I'd also recommend charting, and reading Take Charge of Your Fertility to get you ready!
I'm not TTC just yet, but stopped 5 months before we plan on trying. Some people can get pg as soon as they've stopped, but with all the ways hormonal birth control can mess with your body, I would stop as soon as you can.

Some benefits to stopping early are replenishing your body's supplies of the vitamins and minerals that hormonal BC depletes (namely B vitamins), and giving yourself time to start charting and getting to know your cycles before you rely on your charting skills to get pg. My DH wasn't comfortable going off BC when I wanted to, so I actually charted for three months while I was still using hormonal BC and I'm glad I was able to get used to the logistics of charting before anything was riding on it.

I second the TCOYF recommendation. Hope that helps you!
I agree that you should stop taking it right away. I stopped my bc pills in August and this past cycle (February) ws the first time I has quality EWCM. I have read that the residual hormones from the pill can cause a lack of EWCM. If you stop your pills now and start charting it will also help you get in tune with your body. I am getting much better at seeing signs of o. We are on a TTC break right now (and using other methods of bc) because I just started a new job but I have continued to chart. Once we are ready to TTC again I at least have an idea of when I am o'ing. I wish you the best of luck!
Thanks ladies!

I appreciate all the advice!

(Keep it coming- of course!)
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It's typical that it can take up to 6 months (in my case much longer) for your normal cycles to resume after being on the BC pill. For that reason, I agree that your best bet at this time is to discontinue the pill, start paying attention to your folic acid intake (food or supplement) and use another method until you're ready.

Best of luck! This is a very exciting time for you and your family. Many blessings.
I agree with FiddleMama - begin taking prenatal vitamins too. Gives it more time to build folic acid up in your body so it is ready for the baby-to-be. I also am using this time to try to eat healthier and get my eating habits ready for when I am pregnant.
Yep, I was on the Pill for 12 yrs.

Went of in Oct, didn't have any EWCM til Jan, and it still isn't a ton....and my AF's are still pretty light.

So yeah, go off now, chart, eat right, lose a little weight if that's an issue for you, take your folic acid, and have fun!

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First of all, hello to everyone - this is my first post!

My OB/GYN has instructed me to TTC immediately after going off BC. She said that many women go off the pill and use an alternative method for 2-3 months. However she said that many women have normal AFs for those 2-3 months and then become irregular. So I think that it depends on your particular reproductive history (mine is not stellar) and your doctor. Best of luck!
I would recommend stopping as soon as possible. I've been off 7 months now (after 11 years of use), and my cycle is finally starting to turn around I think. I don't want to scare you or sound harsh, but I wish someone had said to me what's being said in this thread many years ago...

The reason that you'll have 2-3 "regular" cycles after stopping the pill is the synthetic hormones are still in your body. So it's not that *your* cycles are regular. It's that the pill hormones are still controlling your cycles.

Some people might see that as a good thing for TTC. However, there are a couple issues to consider:
  • The pill depletes your body of B vitamins. You need a good store of these when you're TTC, and that can take a little time to build up.
  • The pill is notorious for causing problems with your cycle that can prevent pregnancy. For example, the period of time between my ovulation and my next period is too short to sustain a pregnancy (it's called a short luteal phase). So that's an issue I've been trying to resolve since I've stopped the pill. I think there are other similar issues caused by prolonged pill use too.
And chalk up another recommendation for Taking Charge of Your Fertility!
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