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getting rid of ants

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What are some natural, non-toxic ways to get rid of ants? I have been noticing lots of ants in the backyard and have seen some ant bites on my dogs. I need to find a way to get rid of them without using pesticides that could make our dogs sick (they eat lots of grass and roll around in it quite a bit).
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: (except mine are carpenter ants that are INSIDE - ICK!!!!)

I can't hold DH off from calling an exterminator much longer. I need help.... I can only "forget" to call for one for so many days in a row.
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We use Brewer's Yeast with garlic in our dog's food. The brewer's yeast helps his dry skin and the garlic seems to repel fleas and ants. Haven't seen one on him since January (when we started) and since our winters don't get cold enough to freeze anything, our buggy friends come out in March

Now if you wanted to plant something around the yard that might help too. We use marigolds, garlic, and chives grown around the base of the fruit trees to help prevent the little bugs from eating our figs and kumquats.

I also have this recipe, but haven't had to try it yet:

1/2 cup each of fresh thyme, sage, eapazote, garlic
1 quart of water
Combine and boil for 30 mins, then strain out the herbs, reserving the water.
Allow to cool and then place in a sprayer and spray area.

Hope that helps,

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thank you! that sounds great. i needed something natural becuase my aprents want to spray the yard but my dogs eat lots of grass and roll around outside and i would hate to have the get sick from pesticides. thanks!
Ants hate the smell of lavender.......I pour lavender essential oil over the concrete where they tend to frequent, and I use lavender potpourri in my bathroom to keep them out of there, too.
did I read some where about baking soda or something like that for indoors? thansk!
I was just thinking I read something about baking soda or borax or something but don't remember the details. Anyone know?
Any more input? We realized this week-end we have *at least* 6 different kinds/colors of ants in our yard. And I got quite a few bites while working outside that I can only assume are the ants. Am worried about DS since he loves to be out and playing w/ the dog.
Please help!

I need to find out too. We have tiny sugar ants in the house now. I suspect they're in here because it's been so rainy lately that their homes are swamped and they're looking for higher ground (sorry guys, eviction time!).

Borax is supposed to help, but I'd be wary of using it where kids or animals can get into it. I had read that if you spread a thin line of it where they're coming in to the house (not sure about outside nests) and also drip some cinammon EO around they'll stay away. I haven't tried it yet. I just keep vacuuming them and hoping the kids stay away from the anthills in the wet backyard.
I've also read that they don't like the smell of peppermint so I've been cleaning counters and sometimes even floors with dr. bronner's peppermint soap diluted. But we've not had an ant problem yet.
I've had luck with cleaning up around their known trails then wiping down the area with sweet orange EO sprinkled on a wash cloth. Also I've put little mounds of cinammon where they like to go. Ants hate strong smells and the cinammon seems to kill them as well. I always see shriveled up ant bodies near them. Good luck... ants sure are annoying...
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