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Lol we spent tonight 'scanning'.
I like it as you can hold on to things without keeping them physically.
I also take pictures of things I 'need' to hold onto but can't afford the my kid's stuffed animals - we take pictures and put them into an album.

Keep in mind she wouldn't like you to be dragged down by too much stuff.
Also think of donating as you can get a tax reciept sometimes or just feel good. You could also just 'pick' a family ask your local women's shelter.

I like the idea of putting it together for a museum, geneological exhibit.
Or you could always write a book on her for the family. My dh is big into geneology...a few members of my family have published books (one uncle published one copy...sigh) Contact your local society and they can probably tell you how to preserve it properly and what your options are. She sounds like such a neat woman I can understand why its hard.

I keep reminding my parents that they got to think about paring down now, and have to do the same myself...its such an ongoing battle though! My friend has her mother's stuff stored in a storage locker for 7 years...what a task!

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