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Getting the funky smell out

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My 2.5 year old has been using the same Motherease cloth diapers since he was born. Over time, even with the best washing habits, they have developed a bit of a funky smell. I hate opening up the dryer and noticing they smell like they could use another wash. Sometimes I put them through the washer again, but it doesn't really help. There's definitely some buildup issues. Please share your stories and tips about getting rid of smells.
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Do they need to be stripped? Do you think you might have some buildup on the diapers? One way to tell is if you find they have become less absorbent recently.

If you have already stripped them and you still have the smell, I would suggest the sun. Have you tried the sun? The sun really is nature's great disinfectant. After you wash, lay them out to dry in the sun. That should absolutely help remove any nasty smells that remain.

Good luck. No one likes funky smelling diapers!
I'd like to try the sun, but I don't have my own yard space (it's shared with other neighbors).

Any other suggestions?
You can always hang them in a window that gets a lot of sunlight. And, I love baking soda in the hot wash. You may even want to soak them overnight w/baking soda or vinegar, then do your regular wash. It seems to work for me
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I have a similar problem with some of my BumGenius one size diapers. I tried just borax and they smelled funky. I read that adding more soap would help, but then they just smelled perfumed/funky horrid once wet. I also tried oxyclean and that didn't help. I even tried sun bleaching, but our home is too shaded, and its so humid it literally takes 12 hours for the diapers to dry.

My solution - buying washing soda again. I don't know why, but I add the washing soda in my prewash cycle (I use it to help get some of the poo out before washing, I know prewash is not necessary, but it makes me feel better). Then I wash like usual.

It took a couple of washes to get the smell out, but it worked!
Boil them if you can. It's the only thing other than bleach that gets the funk out for me.
I am noticing the same thing. I have motherease one size terry dipes, swaddlebees fitteds and prefolds.

I called a couple of people and they both recommended boiling. or one of them suggested (and she has done this) microwaving them (wet) for about 5 minutes. I am going to try it (nuking them)

as long as there is no PUL to melt it should be fine.
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