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Getting the Jitters!!!

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I am so looking foward to the baby, but at times I freak about ohh my what am I going to do with two??? at other times I start over analizing every practice contraction and every silly symptom wondering if the baby is coming early. But i just "spoke" to the baby and we are debating between the 1st and the 8th. I'm not sure I got an answer yet.... hahaha. I think I'm losing it.
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I'm somewhere in the same place
Except wondering about FOUR (eek?! lol) kids!!

And.. though this is #4, I've never spontaneously gone into labor on my own.. but I'm working towards that this time and feeling things I've never felt before and yeah, I keep wondering if every stinking pain is "it"!!! (still here though at nearly 39 weeks... nothing happening yet!)!!
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Michelle, I was totally feeling the same way! Now that I am here on the other side, I can honestly tell you, you will be great with 2! I was so scared of how I would do it with two, I waited 10 years to do this. I always wondered how my son would handle it all and if I would still have time for everything he needed but, I do! I am a nervous person anyway and I do not do well with the whole hospital thing or anything like it and I was fine. Even durring her delivery, I just kept saying,"I am scared guys, I am scared!" I did all that worrying for nothing! Hope this helps you mama! You'll do great! I know it!
Thanks so much Michelle. We'll see how I deal in a few weeks. Hmm I wonder how it will all go?
It's hard not to be a little scared or worried about it all! It's pretty normal! I hope all goes great for you! I can't wait to see you on the other side!
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