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getting to know you: EmoMom

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What are your kids' ages and pseudonyms?

Grace (6), Lily (3), and Felicity (6 mo)

How long have you been home schooling? Is there a story behind it?
We have been homeschooling for almost 2 years, formally. I wanted to homeschool when I was in college, having decided I was far too concerned with how kids were "doing" and not concerned enough about having the same expectations of every child in my classroom when I was student teaching. It is part of what drove me from becoming a teacher. I ended up with a double major in pysch and special ed instead of a special ed major and a psych minor. My husband was against the idea at first, when we met, because he had not seen good things out of homeschooled kids once they came to his college. But he started teaching a junior high/high school Sunday school class at our church about 8 yrs ago, and saw how much "undoing" and "deprogramming" our pastor was having to do each week with his own kids to balance out what the public school system was feeding his kids. I wont give a location, but it was in one of the worst areas. My husband began doing some reading, notably "Recovering The Lost Tools of Learning" by Doug Wilson, and "The Case For Classical Christian Education" also by Doug Wilson. These really solidified his support of it.

Does your home school have a name or a mission statement?
St. John Crystostom Academy (yes it's long, and I want to change it before we register with the state this fall!)

What is your general home schooling philosophy?


Do you use a curriculum?

We use Classical Conversations curriculum, based on the trivium, which has everything but math and language arts. We are currently using Christian Light math and First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind for grammar. We are using Victory Drill phonics. History of the World for history. No science yet, that is fairly child-led, and may involve unit studies, or involve cooking, or nature walks.

Do you or your children have any special interests or hobbies that influence your home schooling?

We do a unit study on things Grace asks about. The Old West and Cowboys and Cowgirls, Mammals, the Solar System, the Human Body.. it varies.

What is your typical daily routine? weekly routine?

Up and mom on computer, kids watch tv. Then breakfast, then school, then playtime no tv till lunch. Then craft time, then mommy playtime with each older girl sepraretly, then they agree to leave mommy alone for an hour (and never get all the way through it, while I am reading for myself), then whatever cleaning area we are working on that day (today will be kitchen day and Grace will do the otuside of the fridge, the outside front of oven and dishwasher, and Lily will do the fronts of the low cabinets and drawers). Then dinner prep, dinner, play or tv, bath for 3 yr old, books, and bed. I have a 6 month old, so much of this is subject to change on how well she is napping. And we try to take a field trip per week. We belong to a co-op that meets each Friday for 3 hrs, and we also belong to a homeschool moms group of about 20 that has a monthly meeting and weekly field trips scheduled. We get out a lot!

Do you have any special methods/tips for planning? household organization? storage? record keeping?

I personally need lesson plans done for me. Sometime later I will want the ability to pick and choose a lot of what we do, but right now, I want someone to tell me what to do! Also, I have about 5 homeschool moms I admire and trust, and I take their recommendations for books and curriculuml, and with whatever I might have found myself, those are all I really look at. THere's just too much out there!!! Household organization... DECLUTTER. Decide on a room, and take everything out but the furniture. Put back in only what you want in there, and then figure out if youre gonna store, give away, or sell the rest. We havent started keeping records yet, but I have a big 3 ring binder for stuff I am saving from last year and this year.. copywork, art, that sort of thing.

Tell us what you did today!
Yesterday we did math, lesson 30, and it dealt with addition, subtraction, and adding/subtracting 0 to numbers. Grammar was learning more about the 4 types of sentences and the rules that govern them as well as Grace telling me an example of each of the 4 sentences. Phonics was blends with R. History was a lesson on the Greeks. We are takinga short break from Classical Conversations, but will resume soon. We joined the co-op and got the curriculum in March, at lesson 15 out of 24. So this summer I am going to start over with lesson 1 in the current year's curriculum (year 3). This fall, the co-op will start over with year 1 again. The CC part of our day takes about 30-40 minutes, and that's all we will do this summer, probably. Today we have MOPS, and will likely only do math and grammar this afternoon when we get home, since our day and the baby's naps will be somewhat thrown off.
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Nice to meet you. I like your ideas about decluttering. I really need to do that before we start HS in the fall.
Can you explain more about how your Coop works? We want to start one. Is based on a certain subject? Who runs it? Does it cost? How many kids and what are the ages? Thanks! I love hearing about your homeschooling. I really like the Classical approach.
I didnt start it, it is a part of a larger organization:

There are roughly 50 kids, from age 4 up through about 13 right now. The curriculum costs about $250, and is all you will need. Unless they come out with new CDs for memory work, or new maps or something, aids I guess. Classical Conversations goes in 3 year cycles. This fall, our co-op, and I assume the others, will start over with year 1. The first 3 years, you teach lots of memory work, the second 3 years, you go a bit deeper, and the third 3 years, you go deeper still. Like my 6 yr old learned the periodic table of elements, history sentences about the old west, the rule for how to find the area of a triangle. But we are not teaching her chemistry, or algebra. We are just getting the rules into her head while she is at the perfect age to retain them. The CD full of songs is fantastic. The periodic table is set to the "I love you, you love me" music from Barney!

In using this curriculum, parents teach 4 days a week, and the co-op serves as school for the 5th day. A tutor is trained to expound on the curriculum in a 3 1/2 hour class. Grace had about 8 kids in her class. They sat at two tables, they did experiments, crafts, and had show and tell. They brought a bookbag and school supplies.

You are responsible to teach math and language arts, aside from the Classical Conversations curriculum.

Check out the website, and see if they have any information about where to find other co-ops like the one I am in. I am not sure if they are just where I am or if they are all over the country, Ive never looked. I think the woman that started it does live in my state, though.

Co-ops in general, I am not sure where to point you. I know of several other co-ops that are in my area, but they are not based on the trivium (great explanations in The Well Trained Mind by Jessie Wise). In the greater Raleigh area, there is a huge homeschool email list called spiceline, and I would just have to post on there to find out where co-ops were and who to contact. I might check in your "finding your tribe" area on MDC and see if anyone knows about co-ops or a local email list like the one in Raleigh.

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Thank you so much for the information! They don't have it in Arizona though. I haven't found anything down here. Maybe I can start one. I will have to check into it. Thank you again!
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