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Hi -<br>
not sure if this is the right place for this question...please move if necessary.<br><br>
Our toddler (just under two) had a difficult bought of constipation a while back (3 - 5 months ago?) and has been afraid to poop since. At this point she poops very regularly (every day to 3 days, but lately almost every day) which is very frequent for her, but there is always a big fuss and sometimes tears and upsets. The problem started when she started eating more solids.<br><br>
She still nurses through the night and during the day, most days, whenever she wants, so she's still getting a bit of breastmilk, but now I'm pregnant and the supply is much lower.<br><br>
We are trying to get as much fiber into her as possible, but she is really favoring foods that aren't fiber-rich and we find ourselves struggling through feeding her food she'll eat v. putting food in front of her that she won't eat.<br><br>
Just looking for ideas on sneaking some fiber in.<br><br>
Other things we're doing:<br>
probiotics in her yogurt, fruit smoothies, fresh fruits. She's not a fan of vegetables and that already feels like all our fault, so any helpful hints would be great.<br><br>
thank you!
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