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gift for doula...

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hi all-

I'm trying to come up with a good idea for a gift for my doula -
any ideas?
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I would go for something pamper-y. You could put together a gift basket full of bathsalts (homemade if you're feeling motivated), lotion, maybe some Burt's Bees-type stuff, one of those little wooden back massagers that you roll along your back, a potpourri sachet or herbal sachet, etc.
AS a doula, my favorite gift was a gift certificate tot eh local mall. I could spen it at any of the stores and buy whatever I wanted.
Being a doula myself, I love a gift certificates for a massage or a facial at the local spa.
i put in doula gifts in my search engine and found tons of great ideas. my doula is new at it and i am her 4th client so i got her a cute doula bag, shirt, bumper sticker, braclet and pin. this way she can advertise her services while wearing her t-shirt, carring the bag......ect. i already gave it to her and she loves it a lot.

i was originally going to get her earings that i found under "doula gifts" in the internet. there are some really pretty ones that arnt too spendy
Whoa... I hadn't even considered giving a gift because we're paying our doulas. Is it etiquette to get a gift too, or are your gifts in lieu of payment or in conjunction with barter? I was going to send thank you note / birth announcement, but hadn't thought gift. Anyone?
oooh - thanks for all the great ideas. i'm not sure if it's the proper etiquette or not, i'm just doing it because it's a more personal thing then your standard service that you pay for...a little gift just feels appropriate to me, though perhaps not necessary.
Mine was a student doula, and technically couldn't charge for her services yet, so I gave her a gift coin to Tiffany's.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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