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gift for student doula

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I'm having a student doula attend my birth and I wanted to give a small gift (she's attending my birth for free as part of certification). I'm definitely going to give her a card and slip some cash into it, but I wanted to include something tangible as well, maybe in the $10-$20 range. I was thinking something she can use as a doula with future clients, like massage oil, or...? (any ideas?) A book or two for lending to clients would fit in that range nicely, but I'm sure she's already collected a few birth/pregnancy books, so it'd be a guessing game to find one she *doesn't* have. My other idea is a piece of birth jewelry. I love the stuff from this store on etsy

Any opinions? Other ideas?
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I'm interested to see if anyone has any suggestions as I am having a student doula at my birth as well.

i think that a book or a piece of jewelry is a great idea because oils or something like that will eventually be gone.

a book with a touching inscription will be on her shelf forever.
i'm a student doula finishing up my certification...i never expected anything from a student birth other than the knowledge gained from the experience and the gift of taking part in the sacredness of their birth.

once a client gave me a some money...another gave me a potted plant.

i think of all the suggestions you've been given, the jewelry is the best one...if you search for doula or birth in etsy...there are lots of very sweet necklaces and things there.

good luck with your birth!!
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When I was a student doula I had a client give me cash and some nice soaps and massage oils. I thought it was really sweet.
Some ideas:

a rebozo (birth shawl)
some essential oils (lavendar, peppermint, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, rose)
a nice bag to use as a birth bag
a testimonial that she can share with other clients
a nice blank book she can use to take notes at births
a gift cert to a book store, so she can buy the books she is missing
The Labor Progress Handbook, by Penny Simkin, around 30 dollars, but SO WORTH IT!~
a cd of some nice birth music, especially things she might have heard at your birth
a little care basket (Gu, clif shot blocks, emergenc, honey sticks, anti-bacterial hand gel, battery tea lights, breath mints, energy bars, great water bottle)

How kind of you to think of this! She will be so pleasantly surprised and pleased!

Best wishes for a great birth!
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I gave my midwives and the student midwife a placenta charm from that etsy store, they liked it.
I gave my friend/doula a membership to La Leche League, that's $40...
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