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Gift idea for Homebirthing Friend?

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I would like to get a before-baby gift for a couple that we're close friends with. Is there anything extra special a homebirthing mom might want or need? Would like some ideas from the pros! Thanks!
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I'm planning a homebirth, and I would be totally psyched if someone brought us meals so we could continue to stay nice and snug with our baby. Say, on a dependable schedule, like "OK, I've got dinner for you M-W-F the week the baby arrives." For close friends, I tend to end up doing their laundry, taking care of pets, and doing grocery runs. Half the time you don't even see the family because they are all napping together. So really, you're giving the gift of sleep and time! This seems to go over better than any one "thing." But if your schedule is too crazy to do errands, maybe a nice herbal post-partum pampering kit or a massage kit? Ooh, couples massage gift certificate for before baby arrives? Otherwise, go with your skills - do you knit, take photos?
Alll of the above!!!
I second mommitola
Great ideas there.
definately a frozen lasagna or something.that was absolutely the best thing i recieved!especially since i was trying to get my milk supply going.i had to eat but it was really the last thing on my mind.oh, that's another idea...maybe some teas that promote milk supply?a friend gave me some california baby bubble was the "cranky baby"'s suppose to be was a gift for me but she gave me a gentle baby formula incase babe was in there with me.ok i'm rambling.....
laundry service
a nap
gift certificates for a massage, pedicure or facial?
some good things to have on hand for the birth & right after:

Rescue Remedy (!!!)
Herbal Sitz Bath
Repairing massage oil for perineum

also, she'll love a little onesie or T-shirt that says "Born at Home...Surrounded by Love" available at
oh yes- i wish i had a born ay home t-shirt for dd
I have always wanted a "Born at Home" blanket. There are some gorgeous ones at Attachments Catalogue that are tie-dyed according to when baby is born: midnight, sunrise, sunset etc...

I also second the Rescue Remedy and Perineum care products, and healthy meals are always a must!
Thank you for all the awesome ideas! I will try and do a few of them.
A great gift idea though maybe more for a group gift is hire a photographer for the birth and afterwards. I would have loved that.
The one thing I forgot to get and desperately needed was a nursing pillow. If she's a first time mom, chances are she may not know what a help they are.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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