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Gift Ideas for DH fast and free ??

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I am BROKE... i have no money and today is DH's Bday ... Does anyone have any ideas of things i can do (or even maybe make) for him? We did bake him a cake and I will make him his favorite dinner but i feel like he is getting the short end of the stick this year because i ALWAYs buy him a gift. This is the first year i dont have a out of home job so i have no income coming in to buy him somthing and i feel funny using our money (that he works for) to buy him something ... anyway thanks ... I can sew and thought of sewing a quilt and even started to cut out squares but it is not happening with 2 infants and my 2.5 year old here ...

thanks so much
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Yesterday was our anniversary, and I was in the same boat! Here's what I did: found some pretty paper and made up "certificates" good for things he likes. I made one for a batch of cookies (made upon request - w/in reason, I'm not getting up at midnight to bake), one for some "special attention" (wink, wink), one for an Xbox game (yeah, he's spending his own money on that, but he won't feel guilty).

If you put some thought into it, you can come up w/a much more personal gift than anything you can buy. Does your DH like backrubs? My DH loves to soak in the tub for hours, so next time I'll probably include a certificate for XX hours uninterrupted in the tub.

Maybe a certificate for sleeping in on a weekend day of his choice?

Hope this helps and you figure something out.

First of all why is it his money? Isn't in family money?

The things my dh like that are free might be different than yours but dh would like it if I played games with him. So maybe volunteering to spend time doing his hobby.
Personally I don't mind using our family income to pay for presents, because I very much consider it our income. Plus even if I made the money, I wouldn't mind DH buying me a gift with it- because what he thought and put into the gift is what I'd be thankful for.
If you really want to do something outside of that though- I admit I do think homemade gifts are much more thoughtful. On our last aniversary I let the kids get sleepy early and put them to bed early (I know, shame shame
) and I did a picnic by candlelight in the backyard. Then we had an incredible time under the stars :LOL I think he really aprpeciated it and he isn't a romantic type at all.

My DH really likes basketball and I've given him "certificates" for the right to watch any game completely uninterrupted by the rest of us (we leave to the park or something).

I made him a photo album once of the kids that he could keep on his desk at work.

I'll try and think if I can think of any other ideas... I'll be back
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HOw about making some sort of collage or scrap book (a simple one) of his life- with his old pictures and such? Or of your family now.

Hand prints of the kids... maybe let him come home to a child decorated banner that says happy birthday?

If he is a cocoa drinker you could grind up some peppermints in some hot cocoa and put it in a cute jar. Kind of hot outside for that now though. You could dot he same with tea if he is a tea drinker- mix some tea and orange or other flavor and jar it. Call it homemade tea

My Dh's favorite 'gift" is a fruit pie- whatever is in season.

Still thinking...
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My DH's birthday after my son was born we had NO money for me to buy him anything (I had to go on bedrest early, didn't have a completely paid leave, we were behind on bills, plus his birthday is right after Christmas.)

I wrapped up a small box with the lid able to open and lined the inside of the box as well. I blew lots of kissy into it and attached a note that said if he was ever felt lonily or sad all he had to do was open the box and my kisses would be waiting for him (sorry can't remember the exact wording.) He got a little teary and set the box aside. I did think he really liked it at the time but he still has it in the computer room in a special place.
Make him a coupon book for things that woudl make hism feel special: a massage, a nap, activity of his choice, having you do one of his chores, etc.

Originally Posted by Rainbow
I made him a photo album once of the kids that he could keep on his desk at work.
I'm going to try this one for Father's Day....great idea! Thanks!
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