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(I cross-posted this to Parenting Multiples. I posted there first, then realized that any mama could answer. Mods: if you need to delete one...that's fine...sorry to make more work)

A very dear friend of mine had her twins yesterday via c-section. She was 37 weeks along and labor started naturally with her water breaking, but baby A was breach. A boy (5 lbs 5 oz) and a girl (5 lbs 7 oz). Boy is doing great...a natural born nurser YEAH!! The little girl is in the NICU with breathing problems...possibly pneumonia. Apparantly, the long term prognosis is fine, she's just having a rough first few days .

Mom is nursing ds and pumping for dd and is understandably exhausted and upset and worried. I really want to do something special for her. It's got to be something sent..she is a little too far away to visit easily and even if I could I don't have a sittter for my 2 yo. She will be released on Thursday, but it looks like DD will be in NICU at least through early next week. I was thinking maybe a really luxurious set of nursing pjs...any other suggestions welcomed or recomendations for pjs!

Thanks mamas!
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