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gift registry question

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hi. do any of you have a good baby registry website to recommend? we want to select mostly organic, modern, unisex, unbranded, simple baby things. i can't find a good site.

have any of you used one of those new all-in-one websites that let you pick items from various different stores and websites? do they work?

we didn't register for our wedding and ended up with 40 bowls. now i'm afraid i'll end up with 35 frilly pink dresses.
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Jumping in from the Sept. DDC!

I used

It is one of those websites that let's you choose anything from any website and puts it into a neat little registry list. I love it! Not the most attractive format, but it works! The only thing that stinks is when a website has frames. I haven't quite figured out how to add an item when there are frames.

Have fun
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I am using does preety much the same thing, you just put in you wish list from any site or any store, it doesn't even have to online or have a link.

I have used it before and was pleased with how well everyone responded to it.
We're using, which is totally organic oriented. They're kind of pricy but their stuff is adorable. We wanted some more mainstream stuff, too, so we have a second one on amazon, which is really sub-contracted to babies'r'us.
If this weren't our third baby, I'd register at . Everything there is right up my alley!

- Krista
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