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Gifts... what you want or what the kid wants?

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My dd is turning 9 this year, and for the first time I am having a hard time finding something on her birthday list that I'd like to buy for her. Any voices of experience out there? Should I just cave in and get the Fashion Polly Mall, or should I buy a chess set because I think she'd get something useful out of it? I want her birthday to be special, but I want to give her gifts that mean something special to me, too. What to do?
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I am in the same predicament, I want to buy my dd all these retro things from my childhood that are coming back, ie: Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, etc... But they're into the newer stuff.

My husband tells me to buy what she wants, because ultimately she'll be happier. Usually I just cave in and buy them what they want.
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How about the polly mall *and* a reasonably-priced chess set? Rain loved pollies for years and still plays with them sometimes, I just wish the clothes didn't rip so easily!

I do try to keep a balance between things she asks for and things I think are cool and think she'd like, and it works out pretty well.

What she and her friends really love now (she's 10) are gift cards. At first I was sort of against it, because it seemed like giving just cash, but it's really more than that - there's a cool factor to "the card", and it's kind of like having a debit card and being like mom. I've noticed that she's very careful with her spending withe her cards, whereas with cash it just flows.

Thanks for putting it in perspective. The gift cards are great at times. I gave my niece a set of them for Christmas last year, all arranged in a construction paper "purse". She loved them because she could get what she wanted, but her mom loved them because they were a bit restricted (the big $ one was from the bookstore and the little $ one was from the mall.)
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