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How does cloth diapering work? Do you have a service that washes the diapers or do you do it yourself? What about poop? Sorry if this seems obvious but I have never cloth diapered or been around anyone who does and I am very interested. Any information, tips etc would be appreciated.
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It's really not that hard. I've never used a service. Always washed my own. Poop you don't have to worry about until they are eating a fair amount of solids, as long as you exclusively breastfeed. It's so liquidy it washes right out in the wash, no need to rinse. When they do get bigger, if you are lucky, you will have one who has solid bm's, but if you are not, then you just swish it a bit in the toilet. I have a regular kitchen size trash can with a liner that I put them all in. On wash day, I just pull the liner out, put it all in the washer and throw the liner in as well. I take them when we are out and about too, just take a wet bag along. It's really not that hard!

Exactly what Alisha said. It's really not as hard as I thought it would be!
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I wash my own, too. But I invested (about $30) in a diaper sprayer. It's a little, high power sprayer that hooks on to the side of your toilet tank, not obtrusive at all. I just hold the poopy diaper in the toilet by a non-poopy edge, spray, and ALL the poop comes off quickly. I used to swish the poopy diapers, but found that it often took too much time to swish, plus, if DH was changing the baby, he tended to leave the poopy diaper hanging in the toilet to "deal with later, since I've got the baby" and then I'd come in an hour later and...EW. With the sprayer, we both take care of the mess immediately, and my diaper pail doesn't smell like poop. One of my best baby investments. Plus, it's not hard to install - I did it myself in about 15 minutes.

Anyone have experience with paper diaper liners? I know they're paper but it's such a small amount compared to regular disposables. Seems like they could minimize close interactions with poop!
Dee, I guess it never occurred to me! I think when the baby is born there are just SO many things we get used to in a snap of the fingers. Poop, spit up, vomit, pee, fluids, fluids, fluids! It just never seems like a big deal.

As my kids get older, ew! I've noticed I am grossed out. But babies seem to get a free pass to.. um.. pass whatever they want
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We CD and wash at home. Really not a big deal...another load of laundry or two a week. It's fun! It's easy! Even DH prefers to put cloth on ds's bum. For DS I use fitteds and wool with some AIOs thrown in every now and then. For the new babe it'll be mostly prefolds and covers with some AIOs every now and then (like for grandparents etc). I'll probably end up making a stash of fitteds too. I can't resist b/c they're so cute!

For washing...
1. Cold wash with minimal detergent (like 1/4 of what they recommend)
2. hot wash, no detergent.
3. hang dry or pop in dryer till dry.

We use cloth when out and about too. Just bring a wet bag. The cheapest I've seen are here:
Then throw the bag in with the rest of your diaper laundry.

See this link for good detergent choices. It will make your cloth diapering a stink-free experience as some regular detergents can cause build-up and them smelly diapers.

We do use disposables at night, cloth very occasionally and may move to cloth exclusively at night soon. We'll see. I think ds sleeps longer in a disposable at night, though.
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Dee, as for the paper liners, I've read that they're best for solid BMs, not breastmilk ones--those they say to just dry pail because they rinse right out in the wash. I think we'll try out the paper liners when the time comes. I've also read that some of the paper liners are reusable (wash and dry) as long as they have been exposed only to urine. not sure about that one though...
for what it is worth

DS is 19 months and eating a lot of normal food now -- still nurseing though

i do not rinse diapers. ever

if there is soemthing soild enugh to be removed with a tissue and put in the toliet i do -- this is rare rare rare.... i just toss them in teh pail , and into the washer.

i have had no problems with this approach in 19 months.

i do not have any stained diapers either, a few get dingy or discolored, so every month or so i soal any that "need it" as well as cloth wipes that need it in a hot sick of bio-kleen oxgyn blech. then toss them back in the pail so they get washed again.

I keep it as simple as possible.......

our pail is dry too -- i saw no point in a pail of water where i can trip over it, where DS can spill it or that i have to deal wiht to wash diapers -- heavy.

I do two or three loads a week -- wipes too. my water bill had NOT gone up at all since haivng Theodore.

I run an extra rise, a setting on the hevey duty wash cycle i use on hot. then i switch over and run the rinse and spin cycle (20 minutes) on warm, it only does warm or cold.........that one i put nothing in. in the orgianl wash i use bio-keleen soap, or i have used all free and clear. and i but bac-out (oder and stain remover form bio-kellen) in the fabirc softener tub so it dumps in teh rinse (first one).
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We use a service. So I just get to toss the diapers poop and all into the bag. DH really likes cloth diapers but thinks washing them in the same machine his clothes are washed in is really gross. So this was our compromise. I love the service. It is slightly cheaper than disposables if you are interested in the cost.
Its easy peasy! We use a dry pail, wash them ourselves. Poop is no big deal. I have a sprayer thingy (sorry cant think of what the right word for it is. It hooks to the toilet, we use it to spray solid poop out.)
Thanks for the info on paper liners.

It's nice to hear everyone talk about how easy CD is!
DD has never had a disposable on. I just find the cloth so easy. I knew I wanted to cd before she was born but was a little concerned as well. NO one I knew even thought people still did that
But I use a dry pail and no rinsing until the poops were too solid to wash out in the wash. I wash on cold with a little detergent and then use about half that amount and wash on hot. Now that she is older I had some concern with them being "clean enough" just my own thoughts so they get two hot washes. I hang them out as much as possible, but with all the rain in Washington they are mostly in the dryer. NO stains at all though. The sun bleaches them right out. I use Chinese Prefolds. DD is so tiny that she is still in size medium, I have been using them over a year and they are still in perfect shape for #2 to use. I enjoyed pinning (Something nostalgic!) And we used fleece covers, with a few pockets for out and about or babysitters. Now that she is older we just fold the dipe in three and stuff it in her cover, no hassel! I have even raced my sister who uses disposables and changed DD faster than she could change hers
I just love cloth!
Oh and I just used a plastic grocery bag or bread bag for holding them when out and about
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theo wore his smalls till month 8 and is still, at month 19 in his Med....

(I think that is the link)

Aimee I was going to ask about sizing...

I'm interested in pocket dipes but I don't want to use the one size type. How long does an average baby fit into size small? I don't want to spend a ton on dipes that I'll only use for a couple of months, but I had no idea that a baby could stay in smalls until 8 months! Well, I did see one review where the baby jumped straight from small to large but I also heard they don't work as well if they don't fit right.
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I would start out with a couple of different diaps so you can see what works best on YOUR baby. That way you're not stuck if you've purchased all one kind! Then when you find your faves, you can buy more.
Thank for all of the info ladies! I am going to talk to DH about it and see what he thinks. He is really open minded and all for anything that is friendly to the planet. Sounds like it is no big deal to CD even with poop!
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Aimee I was going to ask about sizing...

I'm interested in pocket dipes but I don't want to use the one size type. How long does an average baby fit into size small? I don't want to spend a ton on dipes that I'll only use for a couple of months, but I had no idea that a baby could stay in smalls until 8 months! Well, I did see one review where the baby jumped straight from small to large but I also heard they don't work as well if they don't fit right.
(I doubt too mnay do, but Theo is not that odd in his size or growth)

sizing...............the real answer sucks -- it all depends on your baby. and most diapers are difernt -- easpically WAHM diapers which is all i use.

My son came home at 5 pounds even -- he is just now 21 pounds at 19 monhts.

he wore smalls for 8 months, and is still in his Med (at 11 months of use), We are transitiong to larges, but he could easiy wear the med a while longer, i am doing it to now to buy then before the baby comes.

My sister just had a baby in eraly Feb and her girl was just shy of 9 pounds at birth and at 4 months was 19 pounds.
She is already in teh MEd diaspers now --


Small 8-16 lbs

Medium 13-25 lbs

Large 18-35 lbs
Sis' older boy Mas wore Med from Month 4 to almost his 2nd birthday....... which is longer than Theo has yet to spend in any one size

Sis' kids tend to get big fast them platue -- her son gained less than 1/2 a pound from 4.5 months to 12 assumeing his sister does something like that, while she is in Med now at 4 months like her borther was, she will likely wear them a looooong time.

I know that Theo as a small child who grows slowly wears his loonger than most .. but i do not think he wears them that mucvh longer; and i he is not so small or so slow that there is a problem, thus other kids are like him, YK?.

haveing a small child, i was never happy with the One Size Fits All dipaers -- and I try to avoid anything too bulky too.

here is her link again she is on vacation till July 25 -- they always take the month of July off. but she is fast at filling orders when she get back, and when she is working her turn around is awsome.

I wish you could come see them and how well they fit Theo. right how he is wearing both Med and Larges.

A lot of kids potty learn right out of the med.

I would start with a few med and a smaller number of samlls (maybe 12) cuz the baby WILL wear them, not like some on the new borns ones out there that a baby (like my sister's) come home too big for
then when you see how big your baby is and how fast they gorw -- you can either buy more small, or start buyuing med.

One thing i love about Sarah, i buy 3 or 5 at a time.....then the next month when i have money again i do the same.......not like some of the stuff you have to buy in sets or pacakages or whatever.

DH sdmiled nicely at my CD plans, and still kinda does. he doens't really care -- most of the parenting education, research and decision making is left up to me, he gets upset if i do not ask for him rubber stamp -- but even he admit he just don't like to be caught off gaurd if someone says somehting to him, he admits it is a rubber stamp ...... and since he changes maybe 2 diapers a week and never does the packing of the diaper bag, the laundry or anything how to take care of Theo notes for when the baby comes are for him too
.......... he doens't care one way or the other. he shut up about price when Theo wore the samlls so long. now when i point out cause savings, esp with a new on one the way, he just says "yes yes yesyes"

I worked up a page on the cost saving of CD for us personally -- I can PM it to anyone who would like to see it. There are a lot of them out there, but i did a rought one for us .....

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I started cloth when my Bear was nearly 2 and Bug was just a couple months old. I had smalls, but within like a month, they were both in the mediums. Bear was almost 3 before he really needed larges, and Bug (nearly 2) still doesn't. We use both cloth and disposables now, our landlord complained of extra water use, so we backed off a bit. I didn't have enough stashed for both in the same size, so was washing daily which was a serious pain in the butt for me. But now, with really only one full time in diaps, we are doing it again more.

I second the trying different kinds. A friend has a kid the same age as my Bear, but even at similar sizes, they are shaped so differently that we can't use the same brands at all. My faves have been FBs and various WAHMs. They are just so cute
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I have used CDs since DD was born, and I just wanted to add that for some reason, a poopy disposable diaper is much more disgusting to me than a poopy cloth diaper. I don't know if it's the chemicals or what, but good Lord, they smell so terrible. The room smells much worse with sposies too, bc with cloth you flush the poop but with sposies you throw it away, which is really gross to me. DD's room never smells like diapers, but I go to other people's houses and notice the smell with sposies. You're actually supposed to flush the poop with sposies too, but no one does that. I use sposies when we travel and I'm always happy to come home to cloth diapers.

Go cloth--you'll love it!
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