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We dont know the gender yet, but I have a feeling this bean is a girl...

So I am just trying to think of some girl names.

We like traditional names. My boys are David Anthony and Andrew Dennis.

My DH wants Theresa to be the middle name after his G'ma.

I really like Vivian and Siobhan (pronounced Shi-Von)

What do you think?
Any other suggestions for old fashioned names that would go with Theresa as a middle name?

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Traditional names (that would go with Theresa?):

You want traditional like 19th century english, or biblical, or names our grandmas' had?

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Do not worry to much if the name flows if Teresa has a special meaning and you LOVE a first name then that is what matters! My ds and his middle name did not "flow" to me for a long time but both names are special to me and that makes his name in my opinion is perfect not everyone who I would tell his name to even liked it but Ds knows what his name means and he is at 5 proud of it he will tell people who had his name and why he has it (he always wanted to know I never put pressure on him to know that) he has my great uncles name for his first name and my grandfathers name for his middle name
both strong accompished gentalmen!

My point is that the middle name for most people has a special meaning and the first is a name they love and want to say everyday for the rest of their lives it really doesn't need to flow most do not at least people I know they don't mine makes me sound like a hick
but I love it because it is my Aunts name

by the way i love Vivian!

Mary, Elizabeth, Irene, Sophia, Hazel, Emily, Amy, Nancy, Alice, Rose

Did you ever concider useing Teresa as a first name and a differant name for a middle name Teresa is a lovely name and very strong at that!

Good luck mama it is a hard thing to pick a name at 7 weeks last time I had two names picked out and never looked back this time I am so lost! Ds is Joseph and I love the name Mary and dp doesn't like the idea of a Mary and Joseph
I do though
we will see wont we

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I love the name Siobhan but not with Theresa. Vivian Theresa is beautiful. Someone else suggested Miriam and I think Miriam Theresa is very pretty also.

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Originally Posted by sunshynbaby View Post
I really like Vivian, but not Siobhan.
Me too.

Here are some more names that I think go well with David and Andrew:

Claire Theresa
Charlotte Theresa (My favorite!)
Lauren Theresa
Katherine Theresa
Carolyn Theresa
Lillian Theresa
Lucille Theresa
Violet Theresa
Abigail Theresa
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