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Girl Pulled From Class Over Hair Color

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Only in a state like Missouri......sigh

Please click on the link and look at the hair first..;bp=t

An eighth-grader was taken out of class Tuesday because of her hair coloring, KMBC's Marcus Moore reported.

An administrator at Bueker Middle School said the girl's red highlights were distracting to other students.

School officials said there is a rule at Bueker that hairstyles that are distracting to the educational process are not allowed.
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Excuse me. DH teaches in a public high school in Brooklyn. There are rules here about hair color, too. And acceptable-for-class-wear hair covering (nonreligious hair covering, that is ... all religious head gear is allowed). And kids will be sent home in Brooklyn, NY, for dyed hair.
Did you click on the link and look at her hair?

I was expecting a blue mohawk or something.....
WTH? There is nothing at all wrong with her hair. I think the school district should be sued if they insist she not be allowed back in school until her hair is "fixed." That is the stupidest thing I have heard yet.
Oh my. It's really pretty. That's messed up.
WTH? It's just an itty bitty bit of red? Thats stupid.

Another reason I'm glad we'll be homeschooling!
That's so freaking stupid. Her hair looks nice. Anyway, even if it were died blue, so what?
I saw the picture! She should be expelled and never let back into any schools ever again!!! How dare she! That hurt my eyes and I was just looking at a picture of her, I can't imagine what it would be like IRL.

What was she thinking?!?!?


The police chief is right. Some rules need to be rewritten or removed. That is just ridiculous. It makes me wonder if the assistant principle has a problem with that particular student, kwim?

The principal at my dd's school hated me! Never even spoke to the man and yet he had it deadset in his heart that my child should be taken from me. He even went so far as to charge me with educational neglect under the No Child Left Behind Act because my dd came with me to the birth of my 2nd dd. Apparently, that is not an excused absence.
Thankfully, I had an awesome judge who dismissed my case.

Some ppl in power abuse that power too easily.

I think the asst. principal of that school should be fired or reprimanded.

I just cannot fathom why he chose to harrass that girl.

I think there's more to the story.
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It's 2006 and children are being kicked out of school for a few highlights?!! Ugh! The time and energy spent on "punishing" her should have been spent on academic programs.

p.s. Her hair looks really good though! Quality job.
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Originally Posted by merpk
And kids will be sent home in Brooklyn, NY, for dyed hair.
Er, why?
Ridiculous. And I really like her hair.
Fortunately I went to schools where they weren't so uptight about this. It was a tradition on the swim team to dye our hair all kinds of ridiculous colors for the state meet. Blue, green, fire-engine-red, etc. It wasn't distracting - honestly, can different-colored hair provide more than 30 seconds of distraction, tops?
my dd's school spraypainted all the kids hair pink, purple, blue and green every day last week.
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How stupid. Her hair looks really pretty actually. She's a very beautiful girl.
That happened to me all the time...also for my jewelry, make-up, shoes, whatever they could pick on. The "Director of Discipline" had a daughter in my class who hated me.
: Though I'll admit mine was more extreme then the girl in that article.

The girl is gorgeous, by the way!
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Was the girl aware of the "no distracting hair styles" rule before she dyed her hair?

Though I don't agree that this particular rule is wise, I do think that school districts have the right to enforce a dress code that includes hair styles. As long as the rules are clearly stated ahead of time, I don't see a problem with the school setting such a rule or enforcing it. If this happened in my child's school, I'd try to get the rule changed, but continue to abide by it in the meantime.
Geez, I went through a year of HS, with a lovely head of magenta tinted hair. She's a straight A student, maybe she's too smart for their school? Also, you cannot change the type of hair dye job she (at least from appearances) did and not damage the hair if done too soon.
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